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Please Compare - 172 Cup Vs 172 with ABS - Braking distance

Can someone who has a cup race alongside someone with a standard 172 and compared braking distances.

the cup without the ABS and the 172 with.

I swear the ABS cuts in way to soon on my car helps start the boating around i feel in the car.

If both cars us the gears and just keep the brakes floored rather than feeding them in we should have a test of the brakes rather than the driver.

Also i know the cup is lighter so should have some advantage here.

Still like to know if anyone does it as im interested.

Also if my logic for the test is floored in any way let me know

Cheers Peeps

Love Always
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

I wouldnt like to test brakes by keeping the brakes to the floor and gearing down...would skid to easily...braking in my mind is a dynamic exercise where the driver needs to constantly monitor and changes the amount of braking to keep the car just below the verge of skidding.

Id like to know that my car would skid. I thought ABS was supposed to sence a skid and stop it, rather than try and predict when it might occur which woudl be different depending on road conditions....

i always try and feed them into that point where it feels about right whilst changing down at the same time but the damn thing never seems to stop quickly.

By comparrison my friend who has a basic L reg Astra only with wider wheels feel like, and does stop on the spot. OK i have to really be careful not to completely lock the wheels but i just dont get it. I though 172 should have a uprated braking system or something.


Ive never had the 172s ABS cut in!(touch wood) Its all about reading road conditions and anticipation of what other road users are likely to do!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Doesnt happen a lot on the road, but on the track the ABS gets a good work-out, and I can imagine why a car like the cup doesnt have it. Id hate to have to do without it on the road though.

on the bumpy roads in HK covere in manhole covers, my ABS goes crazy and it get a bit annoying, but true othe RD its indespencible! however, i would never race with full ABS.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Well, Ive driven a mk1, a mk2 and a Cup and the mk1 has by far the best brakes for some reason?!

They actually feel a little over servod though and the ABS was kicking in way too soon when I did a trackday in a mk1 and it was annoying at times.

The Cup also has strong brakes, but obviously there aint no ABS to kick in so you would just lock the wheels if you jumped on the pedal really hard. However, if you can brake very hard without any problems and without locking up.

This is why the Cup doesnt have ABS, so it wont be there messing about on track, which is what the Cup is aimed at.

Ive only ever had one car with ABS and I am currently driving a car without ABS and have no problems. I could quite easily stop fast, in control.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d


You always have the answer Joe...

Actually, a few peeps with Evos used to just pull the plug and the AYC for track days then they could "goon" and put them VERY sideways!!!

yep, but I would rather die knowing my abs at least tried, rather than worry about cadence braking and the large truck / tree / or large thing...


abs costs money, saves lives, but doesnt fit with the saxo price bracket...


a modern car WITHOUT abs.. ???..




ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

/ or large thing... ?

I can assure you my Mrs aint been anywhere near a track.

I have on/off switch for ABS in my Clio RS (=Clio 172). Its quite difficult to make it stop fast when abs is switched off, because rear brakes will lock earlier than front brakes.
Lots of fun on gravel and snow thought

Cup - 60-0mph in 2.7secs!!!
Quarter mile 14.8secs

Official Renault figures.

Full race ready pack preparation for the track available at your renault dealer including

-6 point rollcage
-10 point rollcage
-Carbon metallic brake-pads
-Fire extinguisher
-Safety harness
-Full race seats

I would imagine quite a few if not all cups will be on the track very soon!

Is it possible to sue Renault if one crashes their cup coz it didnt have ABS - come on - theres a reason for no ABS - do yuou really think they would put cup customers in the sh*t by building a perfromance car like the 172 and taking away braking privileges - - dont think so.

....Officer, I couldnt stop in time. I was only doing 137hph, but renault didnt provide me with ABS so thats my excuse....