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Please give us a hand with this one

Okay I fitted 15s with 195/45/15 rubber about a month ago and they scrubbed slightly on full lock on standard suspension

I removed the mudflaps, trimmed a tiny piece out of the front sh*t guards and everything is ok again.

However I have just bought a 55mm lowering kit and I am going to fit it next week and obviously I am a bit worried about scrubbage again.

No one else seems to have ever had a problem fitting 15s especially with 195/45 profile rubber, so lucky me eh?

What I was wondering is, the offset is et38 and they are only catching on the inside edge so if I fitted spacers, maybe 3mm would this be a good idea?

Also I presume I would need 3mm longer wheel studs? Where could I get these? Would I need to space out the back wheels by the same amount even though they dont catch?

Thanks for any help or highlighting anything I might have missed.


your problem obviously seems to be having the wrong offset. not sure what the correct offset is but you should no way be gatting scrubbage. spacers may give give you problems at the other end but as they say, you dont know til you try!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i get slight scrubbage on full lock mate, though i am lowered 35mm, still, i thought i was the only one to get rubbin on 15s !

ive got mine (15"rims with 195/45) on standard suspension and have no scrubbage,even have loads of room on full lock! its offset is ET 37, cant believe theres so much difference with what should be identical motors! guess ur just the unlucky one mate!

I have 195/50/15 (Toyo Proxes) on 15" 16v Phase2 alloys - Slight scrubing on full lock, lowered -35mm... going down to about 55-60mm maybe sometime, so well see what happens there.