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I think im going insane, Well its either me or Renault.

I want to take out the rear seats from the car. Pressing the button allows me to lower them and once done they unclip from the hinges on the door side.

You would assume that because they come out in that place that they would be designed to come out completely else it would just be a waste of time, BUT...
You can detach the seat from the metal bit in the middle!

I even unzipped all the leather covers and had a look inside at the metal structure (i think these must account for half the weight of the car if youve ever seen them!!!) but i couldnt see any way for them to pop out.

Does anyone know if you have to go to the extreme of unbolting the central clamp to get them out?

Seems stupid as they used to just have a little clip in my old RT.

Please help cos it really is driving my crazy


Ive wondered about this too Mav. Tried to unclip the whole lot last weekend - experimenting on sheding some weight!! As you say the outside bits unclip - but not the inside. Strange.

I didnt trying unbolting the metal clamp cause I was only playing around and at the time couldnt be arsed.


The answer to your question is I dont know! I did try and take them out when I was installing my ICE but eventually gave up as I could find absolutely no way they would come out!

Im gonna have to make a trip to Renault this weekend after my tetnus shot to find out. Its really annoying and i want my car to feel a bit lighter.

more like a MKI but with the toys lol.

Ive taken to driving around with 6litres of fuel in the car. It handle so nice and you collect sooo many more Optimax trumps