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Post Total Landmark - 1000 posts !

Woohoo ! I have reached 1000 posts ! It has been a long trip and for a while there it got a bit edgy and I didnt know if I would make it but here I am at the summit of Mount 1000 ! Thanks to all the people who have allowed me to talk more sh*te than I usually would have done ! 2000 here I come !

Oh yeah and my bastarding car would not start this morning for a few times, low on petrol which I think is the cause ! Embarrassing tho when you are in the drive and it wont start ! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !


  Audi TT Stronic

Poor me, such a long way to go, mind you I have only been posting on these boards for about a month.

you have to wonder if thats a good or very sad thing daipac, lol

only joking, well done, im sure youve been an inspiration to many!

Im a long way off, but ive not done too badly since i only got the internet at home last weekend. I think cliosport owes my company a lot of lost hours, oh well.

Oh thanks you guys ! I am part of an elite group of people now ! I promised myself I wouldnt cry..........ugh.............*sniff*.............I gotta go..........

bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hu hu hu huh hu hu, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........

Apart from my kid being born, this is the greatest day of my life....... ADRIAN !!! ADRIAN !!!



  Audi TT Stronic

... but as you can see I am still here.. with only my poor little 266 posts :cry: