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Project Hybrid

  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
After coming up to 6 years of ownership and due to inevitable rust setting in, decided to get the bodywork sorted, but first a little upgrade, before the bodywork gets seen to.

1.8 - 2.0 16v (From a Megane). Will be tinkering with the 2.0, but not too sure yet, what Im doing to it.

Here is my progress today.

Last thing I had to do today, apart from undo the engine mounts, was get this badboy off. Was really on solid due to rust and water I presume! Needed a good old welly with a hammer.


Then proceeded to lift it out.




Pic of back of block. Few peeps have commented they have never seen F7P engraved on the block before :cool:


Picture of bay with pretty much everything removed bar rack.


Finally for now, my F7R mounted on the stand.


Thats all for now. Will get to work this weekend on stripping the engine down and seeing whats what.

dude. Did you have that all out without removing the radiator and crossmember? It's much easier that way.

Nice work
  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
dude. Did you have that all out without removing the radiator and crossmember? It's much easier that way.

Nice work

Yeah I did actually. I realised that when the engine crane topped out and I was like 'how the f**k does this come out' :rasp:

But it was going dark and I didnt have time. So just gave it a few heave hoe's and it came ok. Id taken the axle stands out and had it resting on the wheels so wasnt too bad.

It was first time of doing it, but will know for next time!! :eek:
  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Bit more progress today.

Stripped all the soundproof tar from the floor. Pleased to say no rust. certainly not from inside. Will have to check from underneath.

Came off easy with wallpaper heat gun and a scraper. Main reason for this was to check for rust.






Also stripped out the interior. This was actually done a few weeks back.


Main thing today was trying to get the suspension strut and wisbones all connected back up as the spring decompressed and wouldnt go back together. No spring compressor, but managed to get it on with a bit of butchering leverage with wood etc! :rasp:

Last thing I did before pushing it into the garage was to remove front wings and bumpers. Needed a little helper for this bit. :D


Look at the mud that was behind the front wings!!! :eek:
Must have been a bag of sugars worth each side in weight.


Then pushed it back into the garage. Amazing how much weight there is in an engine and full interior. Was really easy to roll backwards.

Not much room in the garage down the sides, but shouldnt be a problem. Really wanted it out of all the rain for the shell to dry out.


F7R fully mounted. Hopefully going to start stripping this tomorrow if I get time.


Thats all for now.
interesting to see the exhust gas recirc on there. The williams F7R doesent have that. Are you keeping the electronic ignition or putting a williams dizzy head on it?
  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
interesting to see the exhust gas recirc on there. The williams F7R doesent have that. Are you keeping the electronic ignition or putting a williams dizzy head on it?

Ill be putting my 1.8 16v head on it. Read/Been advised that better gains to be had using a 1.8 head or 2.0 willy. Prefer the look of a clio head too :D

Going to have a go at porting and polishing it myself. Money is obviously tight and cant afford the £500 for a specialist to do it. Granted it may not be as good a job but if care taken, should be a decent job.

Cheers for checkin in!
  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
More progress today :D

No rounded bolts, no snapped spanners so all good so far! YET! :mad: :D :rasp:

Gotta first say its so much easier working with an engine on a stand than when they are in the bay. Mind you F7P/R's are pretty much shoe horned in as std! You know when you're trying to do something in the bay and your spanner/socket catches on something else and your thinking ''these f**king dumb ass renault designers, why did they put that there!!?'', well non of that when on the stand! :D

Anyway, progress...

First thing was to remove rocker cover.

Next, removed the inlet manifold.

Next thing was to slacken the cam shaft sprockets. Not having done this before it puzzled me a bit at first after i removed the cambelt and couldnt jam the camshafts, so put the cambelt back on and put 2 screws into where the flywheel bolts go and jammed a hammer in there against them, and bob was your uncle. Then took the cambelt off.


The I removed the cyclinder head. f**k me, how f**king tight are those bolts? Unbelievable! I wouldnt like to have me fingers tightened down on them! Seriously, couldnt believe how tight they were!

The last cyclinder head I removed was from my Mondeo 1.8 LX and you had to take the cams off the lot. Was a f**king pain in the arse. Was mega chuffed when I realised this didnt need to be done on the old Renault!!


Cyclinder head removed.




Next phase was to remove the PAS pump etc etc plus a few other bracekts. I then turned the bottom end round on the stand to removed the sump.





Thats all for now. Will hopefully get the crank out tomorrow and have this ready for sending away for acid dipping then painting. Now need to decide what mods Im going to have!

Thanks for checking in!!

  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Day 8

A bit more strippage. Block almost ready for sending away for cleaning, then the rebuild can begin.

A few more ancillaries removed. Alternator etc. Block almost bear now. Just need to get the crank out. Check the s**te out that has been in the coolant system and water pump! :eek: :rasp:


Looks like a bit of modifying here but Im pretty sure this is done in the factory.

  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Day 9

Block ALMOST bear now.

Today removed the pistons and all connecting bits, crankshaft etc.

Couple of the caps removed.


Crank almost out


Bear block


Pistons and caps all lined up. First time Ive ever done this so figured it was best to keep them in order :rasp:


Block from top







First time ive ever attempted anything like this. But im generally pleased with the condition of everything. Block looks spot on to me. No real issues anywhere of battered and worn bits.

  Mercedes C320!
Looking good mate... it's pretty easy once you have done it for the first time! :D

Whats the plan now, you going to get it rebored or was you going to clean it and put it back together?
  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Day 10

Well, Ive done precisely nothing over the last 5 weeks with the s**t weather and early dark days! Getting lighter now, so had a decent go today, plus it was a lot warmer which is better for the morale! Nothing worse than crawling on the floor when its 1 degree!


Good progress today on the project.

Dropped the subframe ready to be sent away for powder coating. I like the sound of white, but It will show the s**t up so much, so may plum for blue or yellow. :D

Amazing how much oil is a good protector against rust. Business side of the subframe, ZERO rust where all the oil has dripped onto over the years, but near side, rust city!




Also block totally bear now ready for fettling. That oil cooler uses a big b*****d hex nut! Dont have a socket to go over it, so borrowed one off me Step Dad. He always comes in handy for tools and help! Hope im as knowledgable as him when 50!!



Thats all for now!

  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Day 11

Did a bit more today, got the rack of the column connection, removed the struts, calipers and a few other bits and bobs from the bay.


Day 12

Got a little more done today. Im finding myself moving from one thing to another on this project! Stuff all over the place!

Ok, removed the F7P cyclinder head from the bottom end this afternoon.

When I pulled the cyclinder head away I held the camshaft sprockets with my left hand and the B**t**d dragged one of my fingers in between the sidewall. Never felt pain like it. Will probably have a nice black bruise tomorrow! :mad:


F7P bottom end for you to look at if youre interested.



Not really and progress today. More of an update. Picked up my F7R block from engineers. Got the bores honed. He said that the bores were ok, only a 'thou' out so I took it from him as that now good to go regards being re-built. Bring it on!!! :mad:




Thats all for now! :cool:
  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Day 13

Spent all afternoon with an electric drill and wire bit trying to get rid of all the rust in my bay. Thank fully there isnt that much as its a bit tedious!

Well I think ive done it as best I can. At the end of the day this is 15 years worth of rust setting in, so if it takes another 15 years to get to where it was this morning i.e rusty, from the now freshly cleaned areas then ill say its a job ok done.





The only bit im struggling with and a bit pissed off with is theres a bit on the front of the slam panel where its really eaten in. I cant even get it down to bear metal so Ill just leave it as it is.


Going to try and remove the brake lines, hoses and give the bay a right good wash torrow ready for applying some of this UPOL seam sealer that ive seen brealbags using that I seem to have taken a shine too


Day 14

Well I started to bleed the calipers this morning and f****ed it up, so havent got all the fluid out yet. Reservoir just about empty but god knows how much is left in there. Will try to remove remains when my head is a bit straighter.


So after that mis-hap decided to remove the rear calipers, discs and guard. Going to get all my bits together this week and send away for powdercoating.



And the dirty horrid rusty discs and disc guards. Sorry the proper name has deserted me for now!


Feel like im not getting anywhere with this bloody car. Suppose I will feel better once I start to see it going back together and some more colour injected into some parts.

Also wish I didnt have to work and I could spend all day everyday on it!!!

Day 15

This liquid arrived today, all 15 litres of it. White vinegar. Bought it online, and found it like rocking horse sh*t to source tbh, but managed to get this. Also acquired a makeshift bath.

Heard really good things about it from various places online and its degreasing and stripping properties.

Schakal on williamsclio, was the one that got me into this and figured id give it a try rather than sending lots of little bits to the local acid dippers.


I dropped into it;

rear brake disc guards
rear pad carriers

Gave them 30mins in there and gave the guards a bit of a quick scrub with the wire brush and theyre coming up a treat already



Going to leave them overnight and see how they go. I believe its quite harsh, so really looking forward to seeing results tomorrow.

For ref, also dropped these pad carriers in, heres their condition now



Also gave the VIN plate a quick blast with the electric drill and wheel brush


Day 16

Well here are the results of the white vinegar and scrubbing with wire brush.

Pleased with the outcome of the pad carriers, but a little disappointed with the disc guards. Tbh theyre f****ed as the rust has eaten right into them, theres actually a couple of holes in them.



Then nipped to halfords to get some cans of hammerite silver

Bit disappointed with the disc guards as theyre a bit rotten so they havent come up great. IIRC though you can only see the edges when disc is on. If it looks sh*t will just go and buy some new ones.


My brake union spanner arrived this morning.

I soaked the union nuts in coca cola for a couple of days just to give them a bit of hope of freeing.

Well the passenger side came off a treat but the driver side has rounded. This is because like a tw*t last weekend I tried undoing it with an 11mm ordinary ring spanner knowing full well it wasnt the right tool, and they pretty much rounded. So getting me step dad to come and help me with this tomorrow.


Also removed everything from the bay today, all the brake lines, ready for some paint. Cleaned the bay with a rag, degreaser and dry brush as best I could too.

Im coating it in UPOL seam sealer to start with. Fooking stinks! Im high as I write this!!



Finally feel like Im getting somewhere now I see colour!!

Day 17

Bit more colour added today. Removed both rear calipers, gave them a scrub with my wire brush and white vingear

Here was the result, best I could get them. Lots of nooks and crannies!!


Then preped them with insulation tape and newspaper to make sure I didnt get any hammerite where I didnt want it, i.e making the rubbers go silver or in the bleed nipple etc


Then hung them on my washing line using fishing line and gave them 3 coats


This is how they came out. Im reasonably pleased. Cant really get the full effect suppose until theyre on the car. Hope they will look ok!!


Also pulled that gator back to have a nosey. Whats all that putty like stuff for?


Also got a bit more colour into the bay today with 1st coat


  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Whats seam sealer mate??

Good update though! :D

UPOL. Got it from Halfords. Was £15 for 1L, but should be plenty to cover the bay. Ive decided to do the whole bay in it, then stone chip, then paint, maybe need priming after stonechip, but Ill see.

pot ltd Che

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel

What is seam sealer? What is it exactly? What does it do and what is the benefit of applying it to your car?
  Mondeo TDCI 130
It seals seems?! Like ronseal quick drying varnish does exactly what it says!!

Use it when you weld generally, put it over the joint to seal it / make it tidy, then wax oil or paint it / underseal it etc!!

Good shizzle!
  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Yeah as said. Its generally for seams, like maybe where you have welded, but Ive decided to do it everywhere and then

seam sealer>stone chip>prime>paint

Drys V QUICK too, as soon as its on, it takes about 5 mins to dry. Its kind of like fibreglass too, got that stringy property to it.
  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
My 172 goodies turned up today! :D

Driveshafts, hubs, calipers will be used.

Just need a williams anti-roll bar now and widetrack is SORTED, if anyone has one..........!? Cant get one anywhere! :evil: :evil:


And look at the size of the 172 caliper to the std 16v! Its massive! I cant believe these fit under 15's myself! I know they do as peeps are running them. The size of the pad is where its really noticeable. I bet these things are gonna bite HARD :eek:


But then there is a slight issue.


The plantpot who I bought these off said he couldnt get the driveshaft off the hub on one side. Well f**k knows what hes been trying to do/how he's been trying to free them, but he's totally mangled the hub nut. Seems like he didnt know what he was doing tbfh. So im pissed off to say the least. I managed to get the 30mm socket fine onto the nut and using a screwdriver to lock the disc and a long bar the nut undid fine, but the nut wont come any further. I think the thread is f**ked as it tightens up and then slackens, so getting the angle grinder on the bolt tomorrow to try and free it. I really hope the thread on the shaft isnt goosed, but i think it is :(

nice project. Good to see standard calipers being painted silver rather than red or something.

I don't know how your going to get to that nut with a grinder without ruining the outer hub and the driveshaft. that's a tough one. I'd be thinking about a winge at the fella you bought it off
  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Lol! Seriously mate I agree, ANYTHING OTHER than silver for calipers in my books is illegal (Maybe black on odd cars). HATE ALL coloured calipers unless you have bought Brembo's or AP racing etc, then its deserved. In my books coloured calipers make it look like youre trying to turn the car into something its not.

My next door neighbour has an Astra VXR in that VXR blue and they have blue calipers, but they just look totally GASH. Dont suit the car at all.

Plus silver calipers against silver discs make the brakes look bigger IMO.
  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Day 18

Well...spent all day today farting around with my mangled/rough 172 hub and driveshaft, dismantling, cleaning up the parts etc. Where is the time going!?

Anyway, drilled the nut off today. Drilled down the side of the nut, to the bottom of nut, kind of making a slit in it, then got the screwdriver down the side and opened it up. Was pretty simplt tbh. But then all revealed. DriveshaftCV joint thread totally stripped.

Result, (im not very happy)


But I can just buy another rather than maybe helicoiling it? Right? New CV joint?

Also note the hub flange like a 50p piece! Grrrr!


I cannae get the disc off either due to the flange being like a 50p piece! Ive had a file on it, but need a metal one really so going to make another go of it tomorrow.


Fuming to be honest, as I bought these being advised as 100% working order, which theyre clearly not. Well anyway going to have a go at smoothing out that flange on the hub tomorrow and if im unhappy with the outcome, ill be contacting the seller and asking to send the hub back and get a partial refund. Im trying to make the car mint and dont really wanna be cutting corners etc.

  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Day 18

Wanted to get my remaining brake bits sprayed today, but its pissing down so havent been able to do anything much really.

Got rear beam off. What a BAD job that was. Lots of swearing involved. The nut of the 2 on either sides, behind the sills, the one on the big long thread, man that was TIGHT. As tight as cylinder head bolts! Certainly felt like it. Had the feel of those nylon locking bolts. Maybe theyre the same type of bolt. Didnt help that I was laid on my side on the floor trying to do it with no room for leverage whatsoever. Its very tight in my garage. 1/4 turns at a time. Probably going to just hammerite this. Have requested some pics before I decide.


View under car.

  Clio 1.8 16v - 2.0 Conv
Day 20

Better weather today so decided to do some more colouring. All the other bits that need doing on the bay are being saved for rainy day at the moment.

At first I was going to make this a quick job, but more I thought about it I thought, while its off, do yourself a favour and do it properly!

The rear beam was in reasonable condition but the ends where the guards that go behind the disc and attach to are really pitted and to my amazment upon inspection you could remove these with the star fangled type socket. So out came the socket, T40 and a long bar as these were badly rusted and pitted. These are now soaking to try and get them clean as poss and then Ill apply the colour to these.

So here is how it was


Then with those ends removed.

I also wire brushed the rear beam as best I could with some vinegar and then with hot soapy water mixed with degreaser and scrubbed it like hell with a stiff brush. To be honest the beam itself came up brilliant. Cant really see it on the pics. Apart from the end pieces that are badly pitted.



You can see from below those end blocks removed. Also then started on the hammerite. Never used it before. Really pleased with the finish



Next I sprayed up my 172 calipers. Bit disappointed with the finish to be honest. I scrubbed them as best I could and even had the electric drill on them with wire wheel but theyre too far gone with pitting to get them perfect. Theyll do though. Then discovered I need ANOTHER frigging union spanner @ 15mm to get those lines off. Im buying tools for this project im never going to use again. Highly frustrating!