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Public Service Announcment

Youre all sensible peeps, but I just thought it was worth mentioning the obvious...

Winter is well and truly on its way (had to scrape the windows this morning) so dont forget that NOW is the time to get those tyres and brakes checked. Lots of places do this for free so theres no excuse! Its also worth getting the tracking and wheel balancing checked - stay in 100% control!

Service not due just yet? Do it anyway. Fresh, new oil will prevent unwanted wear on cold start; drain your cooling system and refresh with new antifreeze. Keep your washer bottle topped up with plenty of screenwash - you dont want any frozen and cracked pipes!

Give the car a good wash and a serious polish. This will help keep all the nasty stuff off your paint - grit and salt from the roads will rot your car!

These simple things will keep your car tip-top and ready for spring.
Cheers for now
Phil :D

Ill be washing and polishing mine saturday. and doing a quick manual service on the screenwash etc.

Tracking i might get done also. the car is puling to the left when i let go of the steering wheel - any ideas?

1 tyre pressures - easy, pop down the garage when the tyres are still cold and check em.

2 tracking - some places wont charge you for just checking the alignment, but theyll charge for any adjustments

3 wheel balancing - will cost money but its worth it. If the balancing is out it will wear your tyres mega quick!

hmmm wheel balancing sounds more like it.... the outside wall of my left front is almost gone bald? not much tread.. right side if still good hmmmmm :confused:
  clio 20v

i hate winter if it snows this year my car is stayin at home last yr i kept getting stuck

205 section tyres dont grip in the snow