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Purchasing Tickets - On the day


ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy
As will now see, the opportunity to purchase CSS '13 tickets online, has passed.

If you would still like to attend, you can purchase your tickets on the day at the slightly higher price of £10 per person (cash only) This includes the £2.50 food voucher and CSS '13 decal.

It would also help us with pre-event planning if anyone everyone buying entry tickets on the day, posted in this thread. Thank you
  172 phase 1
Yep, I'm in idiot for not buying in advance, just decided today that i'm coming, so i'll be paying on the day, and the missus is coming too, not that she gives a sh*t about clios and laughs and also moans at my new "moneypit" hobby!
  Inferno 225 Megane
Few I was panicking that I wasn't able to get a ticket now, I'd already booked the day off!!

You won't miss me! I'll be passenger in a rather outlandish Clio V6, it's a full trophy replica!


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Cup
Actually convinced myself that I had bought a ticket... Will be paying on the day.


ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy
I makes that 12, maybe 13 so far

I'm posting this for my own point of reference :eek:
I'll be paying on the gate too. Me, the missus an the baby daughter will be there. Also will be wanting to get my CS membership. Can't for the life of me find how much that is? Just let me know how much I'll be lookin at total for the membership and 2 tickets :) ta
  Forester STi SG9
+2 on the gate here and 4 more maybe's. Sorry can't be more accurate, as they are all local to Duxford they will make an on the day decision.


ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
I'll be paying on the gate, only just managed to get this Saturday off :eek:
  Megane 275 trophy006
Possibly me on the gate too!
thats if I can get the filthy thing respectable in the little time I have spare.


ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy
ah incidentally i paid for membership last weekend, any chance someone will have the pack for me at Duxford?
Since you've asked, yes, I've dug it out the pile and I'll bring it tomorrow. It''l be at the ClioSport marquee (the black one)