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  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

If your gona do that use the 1.6 16v same bore just a longer throw. So should be the same size.

why do you wanna mate? if youre gonna do an engine swaP you may aswell put a bigger lump in at the same time - if you dont wanna do it yourself look at hillpower for their 1.6 megane conversion. i expect you could just put the 16v head on your 1.4, but would you then need to make it a multi point injection sys? im just guessing but i may be wrong! If you do, surely the hassle involved would be better spent getting some serious power under the hood!

I assume you could fit the 1.4 16v from the mk1 clio. They are around...someplace, but I cant ohnestly say I have seen one.


more trouble than its worth then i reckon mate, you aint really gonna see too much performance increase on the standard (more top-end power, but 1.4s aint never gonna be fast up there are they?!), and like paul says youve gotta find the lump first! get your first year out of the way and then start*t, i had to put up with a 1ltr micra (old shape) for best part of tried racing in a shopping trolley be4?!;)