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Quaife ATB LSD Helical Blocking Diifferential For Clio 197

who of you has interest in a locking differential for his clio 197?
at a reasonable quantity, this project can be launched successfully.

but first, I need a number (minimum 10), i can give quaife,
so I can send them an original differential to measure it and to determine the price.

i guess between 600 € - 1000 € each.

variable-blocking effect 0-75%!

so, it would be nice, if I can sum up a workable number of serious buyers
to the end of next week / 13.12.09.

then i'll send the original differential to quaife and the project starts!

these are available here, I'll worry about it!

please register now down here:
hi david

as you surely know, quaife will first ten first orders,
before they even measure an original differential...

because I have them already delivered other original differential with first ten orders,
they have asked me for an original TL4 differential too.
as one I also have, but they still want ten first firm orders.

so if you can tell me a fixed quantity of orders, helps me further.
unfortunately, just interest is'nt enough here...