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Quick, Cheap, Fun 2nd Car Req!!...

It is beginning to upset me clocking up the miles on my valver with journeys to and from work every day!
I would much prefer to have it as a special car that i can use at weekends or going out!
For this to happen i would therefore need a second car to have as an everyday runaround...
So anyone got any ideas of a fast (but not in an ins grp higher than my 16v!), CHEAP(!), and ultimately fun car to get???

I was informed of a very very old micra that was made with a supercharger AND a turbocharger!!! That sounds awesome! BUT! After some researching there were only ever 10k Japan!!! So thats off the list!
Then i was wondering about an old VW Polo G40?? Any views?

Someone must know a gem of a nugget of a car for me to consider!?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Also you will need to start from scratch on a second car for the insurance. eg you will have no no-claims on the second car.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

You want one of these...

Ive got 2 of them now!

You can get them very cheap now and they are not a common site on the roads anymore.

Also, due to them being over 10 years old they can actually be insured as a classic car and used as a low mileage 2nd car, which is very cheap and you dont get hammered for having no NCB for that car!

Very quick cars too, even as standard, but with a small amount of tweaking you can have a very fast and reliable car for not much money!

Hmmmmm, good work guys, plenty of food for thought there!
My mate has a 5GTT and it is a very fun lil car! I know very little about the 21 - is that a saloony shaped car!?

Haha! Just had a ganders on and found...

1989, F reg . Red, blk leather interior, alloys, stereo, e/w, sunroof, KN air filter, MoT/Tax end of year, . £695. ono

Mmmm leather!!

Tis no oil painting but could be good for a laff!

PS Id definately prefer a turbo/supercharged car cos ive never driven one properly!

you know you want ewither a suzuki swift Gti (great handling and amototr that goes to 8000rpm stock!)

or the diahatsu charate GTi...lil 1L that up a lil and scare some peeps. plus if you do it right, itll look wicked.
or a starlet turbo 150bhp!! yum

i would go jap and small!!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

You can pick up J reg Suzuki Swift GTi immaculate for £1000 not to sure on the mileage but with jap engines they go on and on.

i would second Ben on the SSGTi, beilliant cars, 40mpg, cheap insurance, very rev happy screamer of an engine, good handeling, reliability, exclusivity too,

but if like me your stupidly tall they are a no go,

Im liking the suzuki swift a lot!
Also there is apparently a 1.0 Twin Cam 12v turbo Daihatsu Charade model!! Surely the insurance on that must be cheap!! And apparently their pretty quick too?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Swift GTi


Engine: 1.3L 1298cc( in) 16valve DOHC
100HP @ 6500RPM
83 lb-ft of tourque @ 5000 RPM
EMPFI (Electronic Multipoint Fuel Injection)
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Redline 6800RPM (depends on model)

Acceleration: 0-30 MPH - 2.6 Secs
0-40 MPH - 4.5 Secs
0-50 MPH - 6.3 Secs
0-60 MPH - 8.3 Secs
0-70 MPH - 11.5 Secs
0-80 MPH - 14.6 Secs
1/4 Mile time - 16.6 @ 84.7mph
Top Speed - Depends on conditions, around 196Km/h

Braking: 30-0 MPH - 36 Ft
60-0 MPH - 129 Ft

Ok in the running so far we have...

- VW Polo G40
- Suzuki Swift GTi
- Daihatsu Charade 1.0 GTi TURBO
- Renault 5GTTurbo

Im warming to the charade a little! Although it appears they are the most expensive of the bunch!
  172 sport,

dont forget the 205 gti 1.9 or 1.6 there both fun handle gr8 and the early ones are so cheap now def worth a look


lil tiny turbo, whack on a bigger one and ill supply N20 cheap....a super car!

handle bloody good too! and the 3pot makes a funny warble noise!

got for it mate! plus, their easy to park!!

Old Mini?

Not exactly the last word in straight line speed, but darn fine handling all the same. I can never resist the later black Coopers with wider arches!

the SSGTi is 1300, but there is a rare saloon that is 1600, the the bottom end bolts straight onto the 16v head, also in australia there is another sporty swift with a bigger inlet manifold that can be bought cheaply, also the are very easy to turbo charge, see

most of the modified one are down under, very good little car, but useless if your over 64",

the Charade is another fantastic car, the latest one have got lovelly recaro sports seats and look nice too, the early ones look horreible but are very good, Group 11 and 10 insurance respectivily


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Yeah, Ive been told that I can get my 5 turbo insured as a classic so I assume you can too as it over 10 years old, but may depend on tha actual car?!

yeah,old mini!!thats wot i done! old mini,sportpak arches! 13" wheels & MG metro engine, looks cool, 0-60 8.5secs and you can re-inact yur favourite parts from the italian job on the way to work!

I think you should get a Saxo and put venoms on it, then top it off with some neon washer jets and a awesome Fury audio install. or you could get a white clio fiji mmmmm, nice. about a honda civic, the little hatch one. they do a 1.6i-16 (130bhp) or a 1.6 v-t (155 or 160BHP, not sure). both are rapid, cheap to buy and are economical. parts could be pricey though, not sure.


p.s.... or i know someone whos selling a cracking 306 s16 for just £3400 o.n.o (me) prolly too expensive to buy and insure though i guess.

Why the LOL after the uno turbo. I have had 2 of them a mk1 and a mk 2. Spend a grand buying one, then 400 quid upping the boost etc. A great lil 2nd fun car...smiles for miles and alot more reliable than a r5gtt, although I love 5 gtts.

I would stongly recommend not buying a Suzuki or the Charmade cos youll end up spending sh*t loads more fixing them. There time bombs waiting to go off!!
My mates just bought a 5 GT Turbo for £900 and it has a new turbo. Now it may not be the most reliable car in the world but its quick, looks good and is cheap to maintain. Also defo look at a 1.9 Pug 205, I just sold mine for the 172 but will defo buy another one cos there awesome handling and are well respected cars.

One thing to remember is if you only have say £1000 to spend etc, and u want a car that goes, then you must be prepared to expect the worst, i.e, engine problems, etc which may lead you to wish youd never bothered in the 1st place!