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quick clean..

  Fiesta ST2
Gave the car a quick clean. No wax today and no UDM only a quick wash and dry.

The main reason was to show the SX exhaust, the RenaultSport 197 front Grills and I had replaced the front splitter.

Front RS Grills

RS Grills and Splitter




Finished Up


Reflection shots!


Final pic

hope everyone enjoys!!
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  Clio mk3 1.2 Extreme
Looking good mate. The RS grill is so simple yet makes it look so much tidier. You thinking of selling your wheels by any chance? I need a set so bad lol
  Fiesta ST2
mm it sits a bit low and its up as high as it can go... but I think the rear SX lip fills the gap once i get the front one and get all 4 parts painted ill get it fitted :)
  Fiesta ST2
Its the sebring one from Renault. that's a vid from inside the car (me entering a motorway on the slip road so no I wasnt speeding in case the cs police arrive ;)) although in that pic you also hear the K&N 57i (which is now off as I was getting crap MPG with it.) I think from Renault they are £200 - £250 but you can get them one ebay for about £150 new! they pop up quite a lot.
  Clio mk3 1.2 Extreme
Sounds good mate. Think im going to get a custom one and go stealth maybe a bit louder though. Just dont think any form of exhaust looks good on a mk3 non sport really imo. Im using a pipercross induction kit but doesnt affect my mpg get about 50+ on the motorway