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**Race with Williams 3**


Had a fun blast with a williams 3 on friday A24 N. People who know my 16v know that its a pretty quick one, coming off the rounderbout in 2nd, foot planted hit 6900 whacked it up into 3rd and the willy wasnt passing! staying level hit 4th and slowly started pulling past - fair enough. I rekon there isnt much in it in 1st, 2nd and 3rd between my 16v and a willy.

Any willy owners disagree? see you at the pod. ..;)
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I dont think theres a lot in it till about 80 but they have the extra torque!

What you done to your motor to make it so fast then mate?? :)

Ive had a couple of spirited drives with Williams before.

Where I notice the difference is say pulling out of a junction in 2nd where 1st (and ehnce the magic high revs) would mean too much wheelspin for a 16v. In a situation like that, even against a tuned 16v, the Williams will show its teeth - and I have difficulty keeping up.

On the straights and off the mark my 16v will have a Williams, but in gear it really depends on what revs the 16v is at, and if you can drop a cog. Remember that the Williams also has a different gearbox (from a 19 Turbo Diesel!) and hence different ratios.

Big respect to the Williams - even when you tune a 16v youll still not be sure of a Williams scalp (well, not with a 1.8 like mine - eh Mat Brown?;)).

I think the same applies if a 16v were to race any other motor with a lot of torque - like a high output turbo diesel. Race on revs or you will be


Get your arse to york this sunday!

Everyones going to be there. Including my mate with his standard willy 3!


Mat would love to challange your mate with the willy 3, but im working sunday which is a right bummer! Whens the next santa pod?

yeah i wanna race a willy to

any stdish willys round essex area that wanna see how a camd 16v fairs against a willy

just wanna a little play nothing stupid

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and Id like to race a Williams and 16v at the Pod sometime in my 2.0 Fiesta, if anyones up for it? :)

Next available Santapod dates are:

6th Oct - Going York!

13th Oct - Midlands meet!

27th Oct and 3rd Nov - Im free!!!

Weather would be getting a bit dicey though?