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Racing Blue ph1 ITB : 2010 track season updates


ClioSport Club Member
  Turbo S,Exige,R5,182
After 2 years the car is finally moved!





The car is going to Fred's to sort out the leaking bottom end and for a check over and then hopefully it should be on the track again next year.
  RB 182
just as I was pulling up at Freds today I knew who's car this was straight away :) Like so many on here, will be nice to see this finally finished and back on the track!
  Clio 172 ph2
These were the wildest cam i could go for without using solid lifters, i did look at the 551/552/553 cams but they all require solid lifters, which would have added the engine price on top again for the lifters which i was not prepared to pay.


Hi, I use 553s in my build and it takes just 2-3 hours to make solid lifters from hydraulic ...
  Clio 172 ph2

If you have any spare hydraulic lifter - just disassemble it, remove inside and measure the internal diameter. Then go to eBay and order some aluminium rod of this diameter. Cut it a little bit longer then fit inside the lifter to "full open" it ... then go to the person who will assemble and tune you cylinder head and he will decrease the length of these inserts to which is necessary for your camshafts... P.S. Sorry, I'm from Russia so I cannot explane you all details because my English is pure - but I think you got the idea. And my mechanics charge me 3 hours for all above - disassemling, measurments, ordering, cutting, preparing etc...
  Lionel Richie
we had it in the air yesterday, oil leaking from both crank seals and the rocker cover, this engine has done 266miles, well built then!! Engine out, but not for a while yet


ClioSport Club Member
  Turbo S,Exige,R5,182
Where to Start with this then...As the Thread title says 2010 updates, well that was a long time a go, and its taken till 2014 to sort this out.

Im not going to go back through everything in detail, you are more than welcome to read the thread.

In simple terms, we had a perfectly good 200bhp + ITB'd clio, but then got bored and decided to build a fully forged ITB'd clio.
The engine was built had some issues, the car was mapped and never ran that well.

Back in 2010 we were set to do a track day at croft in the car, did some pre checks found some oil leaks so parked the car up in the garage and there it stayed for over 2 years.

The opportunity came some time last year to get the car to Fred to have a look at the issues.

Fred has ha the car for the last year working on it on and off in quiet times to fix the leaks.

I picked the car up from Fred last month and although their was no leaks the mapping was miles out and the car hardly ran. So i had the car taken up to Paul at RS Tuning, when the car arrived the car was running on 3 cylinders so after a compression test the engine seems to have low compression on cylinders 2 and 4. Paul did a great job mapping the car for us and its running better than it ever has before, it even idles on cold which it has never really done.
Having spoke to Paul we are going to run the car as is see if the compression gets any better with some miles on the car, if it does not we will have a new bottom end rebuilt over the winter time and then hopefully the engine will be solid.

We still have a lot of electrical bits to sort out and lots of bits to make nice and do better especially on the inside, but to have this car back on the road is brilliant, it is very fast.

Only have iPhone pics as i don't have my DSLR currently and no video of it at RS tuning as i could not be there the day Paul mapped it.

[/url]IMG_1704 by adrianbarron, on Flickr[/img]

[/URL]IMG_1701 by adrianbarron, on Flickr[/img]

[/URL]IMG_1700 by adrianbarron, on Flickr[/img]

[/URL]IMG_1695 by adrianbarron, on Flickr[/img]


[/URL]filename-1 copy-1 by adrianbarron, on Flickr[/img]

Now to put some miles on it, try to get one or two track days in before the winter and enjoy the car we should have had nearly 4 years ago.

I bet some of the older members thought this car was dead a long time ago.



ClioSport Club Member
  Turbo S,Exige,R5,182
Still got it,

Recap on the spec

Full spec:
F4R engine re-bored to 2.1ltr (2066cc)
Wossner Forged Pistons (12.8:1) 84mm
Catcam Forged Conrods
Catcam 423 Race/Rally Cams (VVT Delete)
Jenvey 48mm Throttle Bodies
Jenvey 120mm Trumpets
Catcam Uprated Valve Springs
ACL Race main/thrust bearings
King Race big end bearings
Full Race spec Headwork (AP Developments)
Lightened Billet Flywheel
Catcam Adjustable Vernier Pulleys
Catcam ARP Bolts
Full Samco Hose Set
Helix Paddle Clutch

Tour-De-Force EC1 ECU
Tour-De-Force custom calibration
Dash2 Digital dash
Dash oil pressure sensor

Transmission + Brakes:
5 speed box
Quaife ATB diff
Ktec Shortshift
Performance friction 97 brake pads
Brembo HC discs
Goodridge braided lines
Dot 5.1 fluid

Cliosport 172 shell
Resprayed racing blue
3mm/4mm polycarb windows
Cup Racer Spoiler
Aerolock bonnet pins

Fully stripped and sprayed black
Clio Cup racer steering wheel
Clio Cup racer full FIA roll cage
2x Cobra Evolution bucket seats
Battery located to boot
Heated front windscreen
Custom Aluminium doorcards

Wheel/suspension + others
AST Sportline II Coilovers
Rear camber shims
Powerflow Exhaust + Decat
8x Speedline 2118's
4x OZ F1's
12x Michelin Slicks
4x Toyo R888s
4x Yokohama Paradas

Pasted from

More pics of engine in that link