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RB 182 cup - Ascension Island

  Clio 197
Well even 4000 miles away on the Ascension Island, with only 900ish people, there was someone with some sense of a decent motor! I've heard his name was Alex but I am guessing he won't be on here! :p

:dead: When you see him give him a slap and tell him to whip those stickers off.

900 people is a quiet island lol.

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Excellent! It's just so inappropriate to have a car like that on an island the size of a postage stamp - is exactly was makes it superb!

Wouldn't like to pay the shipping expense (or time) to take it to a specialist back here though.

  Clio 197
Certainly one of the most unlikely, I reckon!Josh - are you on the RAF base out there?D.
I was out there doing something for the government, so I'm not part of the RAF. But it was a spot nonetheless! The island is stopping petrol supplies by 2020 so he will have to get rid!