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RB 182 Rainham, BF55 ***

With cs sticker & a MF one, at the cherry tree lights.

That you col ??

You notice the clio 'sport' next to you at the lights ?? Y reg thing with about 13" wheels lol.

I was behind you both, turning right.
  182 Racing Blue, Recaros
Yep that was me, did you beep?

Couldn't see anyone though, thought it was someone in a big 4x4 behind me! Didn't notice the clio sport next to me either.
I beeped once, but I was in the right turn lane. The car next to you had the sport badge, but it wasn't an RS clio.
  LY V6 with Recaros
I was in the car too, completly oblivious to the clio next to me and your vee though!