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RB Goodness (Lots of pics)

  RB One Eight Two
The 182 got 4 new Pilot Sport 3's this morning and seeing as it was filthy,I had the day off and it was dry I gave it a clean. Here are some pics, I totally forgot to get some before pics.

Here it is after a quick clean using, Megs NXT shampoo, and a quick going over with Aquartz Reload sealant. New tyres dressed with Megs tyre dressing and wheels got treated to some AG Alloy wheel sealant. They will be getting refurbed in April as they are getting a little bit tatty, not bad for nearly 70,000 miles. And yes I still havn't got round to sorting out my front fogs so excuse the duck tape.















  RB One Eight Two
looking great mate.

u not thought about getting bright silver turinis?

Cheers mate. I would love some Silver Turinis the same as your ones but I can't afford them at the moment :( maybe towards the summer...


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
My favourite RB on here. Silver wheels really make it look fresh.
  RB One Eight Two
Cheers for all your comments chaps. Im not sure whether to replace the broken fog or blank them out?

Its lowered on Ktec coilovers. For the price they were, they are awesome!
  Clio 197 RB
Well I've now decided that my wheels will be going silver at some point. Looks awesome, and like whats been said above, it makes it look really clean.
  Inferno 182 & Saxo
Yeah I'm definately loving the silver wheels now, suits the blue perfectly. You taking the fogs out?
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Got to agree that silver wheels really suit this colour, yours looks great. Pic of mine with silver turinis if you're curious as to how it would look. :)

  RB One Eight Two
That RB looks lush on silver Turinis! Abit lower and it would look perfect!

Andy - cheers pal, the new rubber is awesome, so grippy in the dry and wet. Need to sort out a date so I can come down and see that new Trophy of yours ;)