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I've moved this thread into general automotive as I will use it as my update thread.

I had a spare afternoon today so i decided to try and get the Beemer back up to scratch.
Usual snow foam, 2 BM wash followed by a layer of Hydro 2. Wheels cleaned with Megs wheel brightener (superb product imo)

I finished it off with Zaino Grand Finale which is by far the best QD I've used so far.

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ClioSport Admin
Stuck the car into BMVM (BMW specialist) in Billericay today to have the wishbone bushes replaced and new discs and pads all round (supplied by me from @George@RTR_Parts )

The guy used to be a master tech and Sytner's Harold wood and was recommended to me by my wife's cousin.

Got a phone call at half 10 this morning telling me it was ready so popped in on my way home from work.

I've got a long drive up to Blyton tomorrow so I wanted these bits done before that.

Paul at the garage said that the wishbone bushes were in a very bad state and said that I would really notice a difference in how the car drives.

Well he was't wrong! What a difference. It feels like a completely different car now.

And it was a lot cheaper than I expected as well so happy days!

If anyone in Essex is after a BMW/Mini specialist this bloke Is well worth considering!


ClioSport Admin
Had a front lower arm replaced this week by BMVM in Billericay due to a split ball joint and @Scrooge (legend) swapped out my front brake discs yesterday due to them being warped.

Can't quite work out why they'd warped so quickly as they were Brembo's albeit the cheaper end of the Brembo range. I don't really do much more than motorway/dual carriageway driving so it's a bit of a mystery.

I took advantage of a 30% discount code at Euros and went for some Pagid discs on a recommendation from my cousin who swears by them. So far so good and the car no longer shakes itself to bits on heavy braking.

New tyres on the back tomorrow and then I just need to get myself down to Elite in Rainham for a wheel alignment.

I was seriously considering selling it a couple of weeks back but now it's all sorted I'm rediscovering my love for it again.


ClioSport Admin
These have aged really well, still look classy! Especially went mint and shiny like the above :smiley:

Cheers dude :up:

I'm ashamed to say it's not looking mint and shiny at the moment.

Desperately needs detailing but I just can't find the time at the moment.
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Car looks epic, E46 shape will never look old and looks cool as f**k! On the first pics what had you done to the car to get it looking so well, had it had any detailing work previous to the wash?
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Yea i really really like this car, but i like being a spotty teenager and boy racering my clio on trays outside mcd's, i would look such a dick doing this in a 330ci


ClioSport Admin
Few pics from a quick trip to North weald Yesterday.

Gave the car a VERY quick wash on Saturday and didn't really do a brilliant job due to rushing because of the cold.



ClioSport Admin
Just booked it in for a full service and gearbox oil change. Not cheap even with a specialist but I want to keep up a decent history so it holds its value for when I sell it on in a couple
of years.