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Rear quarter glass. How to remove?

Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

ClioSport Club Member
As above need to take the ear quarter glass out , so I can put my new rear quarter panel on.

No smashing involve please!
Ive got access to removal tools at work, ' cheese' wire , ect ect

Im guessing it's bonded in? Altho I can see a rubber skirt around it ....


ClioSport Club Member
The rubber skirt hides the sealant that holds the window in place.

You need to make a hole in this sealant and then place a cheese wire through this and carefully cut through the seal all the way round. A lot easier if there are 2 of you, so one person can be inside whilst the other is outside. Put some tape on the glass onto the body work so the glass doesn't fall out when your near the end.


ClioSport Club Member
on the side closest to the door put a small thin screw drive through or small drill bit. The steel wiring fishing line through the hole and saw around the whole thing. Strike the balance between getting the wire hot enough to make it like a knife through butter but not hot enough to snap :)