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rear shims, where from and worth it?

  RS Clio 172 Phase 2

im currerntly running 1.5 deg neg cambewr on the fronts with 0.5mm toe out either side.

its a FF172, on eibach sprtlines nad koni yellows are going in next week.
(Aus roads are bad for coilovers and they are way to exxy over here)

(try 2700 AUD for a set of KW variant 2's)

Is there any bewnefit on getting some rear shims to adjust the camber or toe and the rear nad what are ideal setting for a fast road clio?

you already have ideal fast road settings,

konis will give you more front camber, to save tyres go to 0 toe

regarding rear end, camber is fine, toe could go towards 0 for racing use, even toe out for slaloms but road use leave it as it is