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Rear Strut Tops Belts Bar

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a company that supplies rear strut top plates to strengthen the strut top mounts, I've read on the Yozza site they used to do this mod for mounting the belts at the correct angle, I'd like to do something similar but can't weld the plates they can only be bolted in, and I'd also be making the bar removable from the mounts for every day use , Roll cage tubing seems good enough, would M14 bolts be enough to carry the bar for say driver and passenger,and say 3 M10 bolts to hold the plates across the strut tops?

Regards Russ...........
  ITB'd MK1
I could do you something like this that bolts to the rear seatbelt anchorage points Russ

using a rear strut brace to attach a harness isn't a good idea.
I may have not explained it to well, I want to know if there is a plate available for strengthening the top mounts, ie made of 6mm gauge plate where you would possibly mount a weld in cage to for circuit racing/rallying, I'm sure Yozza sport did something but it was weld in.

J I not that stupid I've been competing long enough to know what works, possibly my bad wording.

Dan yes I could do that but the seats need to stay in TBH

Regards Russ........
How are you going to run harnesses but keep the rear seats in?

Well the idea was to fold the rears down this then alows the access to the rear bar, if it's not possible then I'll have to bolt them between the bench rear seat at the joint, did this in the 205 no problem, it's just not an ideal angle for the Harness straps to run at.

Regards Russ...........