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Recall for accelerator cable anyone


  Shiny red R32

Being a member of Which? I was just having a look online, and happened to notice among the list of recalls in 2002, the Clio!

Has anyone here had a recall concerning the accelerator cable? This was copied from Which?

Renault Clio
Jan 98 to Dec 99
Accelerator cable may break

I wonder if Bob RTE knows anything about this. Just remembered he is making the pancakes tonight so he is probably washing up just now!!
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Mmmmmmm lovely pancakes!

Washing up all done.

Beer and fag on the go.

Logged on! Told you so!

Throttle cable recall???

Dunno what youre talking about!

Anyone who has a Clio 2 SHOULD have received a recall letter from Renault UK. We carried out lots of replacements. Dont know how many are outstanding.

If you have bought the car second hand, check the back of the service book or look under the bonnet for a blue sticker with a MATRIX printed on it. "F1" should have a cross in it, if it has been done. Not all cars in this model year range require the cable, but the dealer will still have to check.

If in any doubt as to whether you should have a new cable fitted for free, just phone up your dealer and ask them to check on "ICM" They will require your reg number and sometimes your chassis number along with your current vehicle mileage.

Go on - give em a call.

Hope that helps.

Bob (fat and forty ?) RTE - too many pancakes!


  Shiny red R32


The Which? magazine said Accelerator cable not Throttle cable - or is it the same thing?

Glad that you enjoyed your pancakes, Jilly had seven and I lost count as I was eating them straight from the pan!!
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Throttle cable / accelerator cable

Bob / Robert


Glad you enjoyed yr pancakes!