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Record mileage



In the Telegraph motoring bit today a man wrote in saying that they needed advice on buying a replacement as their old 205 had done 455,000 miles and was becoming a "bit unreliable on cold mornings"!!!!!!
Now this must surely be a record for a 205 let alone any other car. Anyone seen/driven any cars with similar mileage? the highest ive ever seen was 250,000

I know a loads of truck are (particulaly in the USA) over 1 million miles.

There alos a load of big lexus over 1 million and a Volvo in sweeden on 1 million miles+
There a load of Merc particulay taxi's in Germnay with over 400k on them.
  clio 182 black /gold
My mate has a merc which is a J reg and has 207K on it. The only thing wrong it needed rear brakes for M.O.T, but when changing them the master cylinder gave up. Here is a pic of it on the ramp. He has a F reg merc with 138K on it.

Here is the white one.
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when I got the bumpers of ebay for my clio (standard) the clio they came off had done 235,000 miles. it was an automatic, and was only being broken because of rust.
  A number of clios
our fitter at work as a 405 estate with 390k on still on original engine and still going strong