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Red 182 maybe trophy, Leigh village

  Toyota MR2 GT Turbo
Saw a red 182, might have been a trophy, didn't see. Coming through Leigh village at around 8:30.
Jd: Leigh in Kent.

It's an ok road miz, gotta go the long way round to crowborough ATM as half the back roads are shut :( where were you off to?
  Toyota MR2 GT Turbo
I was going back home to my house in Hildenborough, didn't have work today, so I thought I'd go for a drive :)

You coming to the Southend meet? You can convoy with us!
Yeah very close, Greenview Crescent, opposite what used to be the bike shop.

Of course, the cambelts being done at the weekend so when ever really mate :)
  Toyota MR2 GT Turbo
Sweet! thats a 2 min walk from my house haha, right this second I'm putting on my cheeky chavy window tints, coming home in a few mins so I'll drive round there and see if I can see your trophy, or do you keep it tucked away in a garage?
its on the Drive Normally, next to a van currently but normally its next to an Volvo 850R. (google it)

I'm at work so wont be there now though
  Toyota MR2 GT Turbo
Oh ok just had a cheeky drive round there and didn't see it :p

EDIT: Oh I see your job must be boring if you spend most of your time on CS! :)
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where you at a tesco's on sunday?

I got a text of the ex saying she saying, quote " i saw a clio like yours with a funny reg plate, think it said trophy or something"

Of chance it was you, you were spotted ;)