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refurnishing my 182 Anthracite alloys

  Arctic Blue 182 FF

I have just newly bought a clio 182. the front nearside alloy has no damage to the alloy, but the paint has flaked off one of the spokes.

If I was to do this myself what paint would I need? and better still does anyone know any good places which will do it in the Rugby/Southam/Leamington area for less than £50 a wheel.

I will try and get pics up as soon as I get my new Camera.

  Arctic Blue 182 FF
thanks Christopher, don't suppose you would know the colour code or where I can get the paint to refurb them myself? The damage is just missing paint, no dints or scuffs in actual alloy.
  172 cup- suzu rf600r
ha ha you putting a new couch in them? coffee table to match? lol!

as said 50 ish quid is the going rate, id look to get them powder coated not just resprayed, longer lasting finish
  172 cup- suzu rf600r
also - is it just the lacquer peeling? if so it would just be that needed for doing yourself (not paint)