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remember that startup diagnostic function@

well, asking the head technitian, he told me is # was fuel (obvious) 2nd touch of the trip button lead to......damn forgot, and the 3rd touch would give you an error cose if there was one.....thats all it did, apart from test the dials and stuff....

I was wondering that too, its not throttle dependent, or rev, more like fuel consumption? It sits at around 2.0 when idling, and builds steadily when accelerating into the teens 14.0+. If you ease of at high revs, it drops back to 0.0? I wondered what this was for. Emmisions possibly. really not sure. Its a bit disconcerting driving it whilst the dash is going mad and its making noises.

  Clio V6 255

what exactly is the startup diagnostic function? should I know about it? is it useful? if so, how!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Hold the trip meter button in on the end of the window wiper stalkk then swtich on the igition and watch the pretty light flash on the dash board along with beeps and farts...

farts, i dont get farts!! i want farts!!!!

cant remmeber what the second value is for, ill find out tomorrow.

but you could be right

Any ideas anyone?

Mine reads 0.5ish at idle, not 2.0 as said b4. It also rises to around 25ish accelerating hard and when on overun it drops to 0.0

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Mine doesnt make noises or beep or fart but i do get the dials waving at me which can be fun when Ive a passanger in the car and they look at them