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Removal of radio

I know this has been asked loads of times before but the answers don't seem to apply to my radio.
I have a 197 (56 plate) with a 6 CD changer behind the radio.
All the other posts say there should be two slots either side of the radio for the tools (coathangers) to go in, but all I have are two slits at the bottom of the radio. Are these to get a face plate of then I should see the normal removal holes?
Or if not how do I get this radio out?
p.s. will try to post pictures in a bit.
  renault clio 1.4 16v
some of the radios have 4 little holes, one in each corner, need a bit of brazzing rod or something to release the clips through the holes, if its a after market radio then it may have a shroud around the edging where the face goes, this needs to be pulled off then you should see the slot on either end of the head unit
Thanks for your help.
I don't think mine is an aftermarket one looks pretty standard, but it doesn't have the four holes it just has two slits at the bottom of the radio. I will post pictures tonight.
  Clio 182
Hard to tell without pics, but a quick google says that the Cabasse unit with changer has the hu located under the driver seat (?), if it is its a slightly bigger job as you will need iso extensions (autoleads do these) to reroute cables back behing dash, as for removing, it looks like youd have to remove the centre console and work your way up to cd player mounted in dash

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The hack worked a treat, I had to order some Molex C-Grid III 2.54mm pitch housings and crimps but I now have a aux lead in my car :)