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Removing Scuffs Inside Door Trim



What's best interior trim product that can reduce the scuff marks you make from shoes when getting in/out of car on the lower part of trim inside door ?

Want to retain the factory look with matt finish, dont want the shiney look though

Also finger nail marks from the grips on each side of a 172/182 steering wheel

the steering wheel grips are s**t, they always have been and they always will be...

as for the trim... for external and internal use i would recommend AG vinyl and rubber care
  106 GTi
Poorboys Natural Look, AG Vinyl and Rubber will leave a glossier finish than factory.


rich, just had a look at the poorboys natural look on their website, that seems to be exactly what im after, where can it be bought in the UK ?


thats great, thanks
def gonna order some as i cant stand shiney glossy interior plastic