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Removing stuck-on valve caps!

  Renault Laguna Coupe

OK, how stupid do I feel? I bought some of those alloy valve caps last summer. Thought Id check the tyres today seeing as its nice and sunny for once. Cant get the rear valve caps off at all!

Tried holding the valve with pliers and twisting the cap with a spanner - just wrecks the rubber on the valve. Anyone got any ideas please?
  Clio 200 FF

opps sorry cant help with getting them off but when you fit some more put a tiny bit of copperslip on the valve threads to stop the seizing on again

Hmm mike what have you done ? LoL

How about trying to heat them up a little (dont go mad though ;))

Or try to... ermmm I really dont know......

Anyway, you only checking your tyre pressures every 6 months mate?
  Focus ST3 + proper Mini

Had this problem with my Mini. Are they the anodised ones? Try 2 pairs of molegrips. Put a bit of rag around the valve first though.

Watch the alloy though!! Failing that I had to get my local trye fitter to chop the last one off, and re valve it. Cost about £5 per wheel by the time he reballanced it etc.

So you aint the only one !!!

  Renault Laguna Coupe

LOL yeah thats the weird thing - Ive checked them lots in the past and never had any trouble! When I fitted the caps first time around I put some oil inside as Robby suggests, but needless to say I never put any more in after that... :cry:

Ah well, Im going to get the last of my spare Contis fitted in the next couple of weeks, so I guess Ill get the tyre fitter to fit some new valves on the rears.

Wot a plonker!!