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Renault 19 16v

Hey i was going to start a thread last night about this as i had a quick drive. It actually felt slower than i though, i reckon 0-60 in about 9? It was quite good top end though and the handling was really impressive. Tacky interior though lol

Yeah, obviously with the same lump in a bigger car the 19 is going to be a little slower than the clio.

Its still quick though (when driven in the know), and it does handle well.

I think the total kerb weight of a 19 16v is around 1115kg, how does that compare with the clios?

There was actually a road test at one time that got 7.4 to 60 out of a 19 16v.....personally Id be a bit dubious, but you know how these French cars perform differently every day.

I think the Renault figure is actually 8.3 to 60 (?). Ive been in both Clio 16v and 19 16v and from what I remember, they felt pretty similar, but the Clio felt much more nimble and ultimately slightly quicker. The 19 16v is pretty cheap these days.