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Renault Assistance

Im the proud owner of a Silver MkII 172 (complete with even newer ding in the door - bug**r).

172s bought through UK Renault dealers come with Renault Assistance (i.e. AA recovery). Anyone know whether the same applies to cars bought elsewhere (e.g. car supermarkets)? I can tell you who DOESNT know - the AA and my local Renault dealer.

A minor point, but it might get a bit more major when Im sitting by the side of the M5 in the middle of the night ...

While Im here, can anyone recommend a good Renault dealer in the Hereford area?

  172 Cup

Id be very suprised if any car purchased from any car supermarket came with breakdown assistance. They may try to sell it to you at a ridiculous fee but it aint going to be provided as standard.

Im just trying to establish whether its a Renault thing or a Renault UK thing.

Its no big deal to throw another £46 at Green Flag but Id rather spend it on Optimax :)
  172 Cup

If youve got it from a car supermarket you should have saved yourself at least £3k so another £46 will not be hard to swallow.

... but you pay around £13K.

Sorry, forgot to introduce myself.

Im a 36-year old programmer from Hereford and Ive just bought my Mk2 172 (silver) from Trade Sales in Slough (

Only 175 miles on the clock so far, but a quick 400 mile trip tomorrow should get most of the running-in out of the way. I can always play with the radio and the aircon ...

In my spare time I race a thing called a Legend, so Im sure my pride and joy will take to the track soon.

Its an interesting board - a wide range of views, some of which are a little, err, interesting, but hey, far better than a board which nobody uses.

Keep it up (whatever that means).