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Renault Clio 182 Trophy(Very Low Miles)


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Do the Sachs deterioate with age as well as mileage then? Suprised they need a rebuild 2years ago..
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Pre registered at Renault but not used as demo. Sold to lady that put 75 miles on it. 3rd owner sold it at 13500 miles. 4th owner sold to me with 18000 miles.

If you are interested il send you photos. Just ask.


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  Mint 1*2's for sale-
I saw this add- Pretty poor TBh if your wanting 7k + for a trophy....

GLWTS- with a great ad you might get close on 7k, current ad- lucky for low 6's from private buyers or lower from traders

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thats what i thought!!! id be put of by that alone.

Nit really, low mileage would appeal to collectors who won't exactly put loads of miles on the car. More chance of it changing hands if something they want more comes up too
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  NOBLE M400 + TOYS +
1 car for the price of approx 2:S

Item number: 160836031076​

Item number: 140786080967
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