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renault megane 225/ 230 black

  black megane 230 f1
caught my attention when the driver flashed her headlights at me, i was driving black megane 230 f1 about 5pm near pingles cedar tree pub on 1st of feb 11', im guessing its sarah
  black megane 230 f1
i like to think my car goes unnoticed cause it hasn't got all the stickers all over it lol, Your megane looks very nice!!!
  BG 225 lux + cup RST
haha!! i didnt think you saw, so thought i better not wave lol i often flash people and they look at me confused :p

i always spot the RS's about the place, nothing goes stealth when my spotting eye is about ;) keeps me entertained trying to work my way through that rubbish congestion they seem to have along that route

yeah i dont think people realise that they are anything different from the normal meg until they see the exhaust at the rear perhaps

thank you, so does yours!
  RB FF 182
I used to go there many years ago!! Lol

I was a bit disappointed when I had to settle for a silver Clio. Then when I got home and parked it next to my old dears titanium 1.2 I noticed it was different. Looks awesome after a good clean!!
  Clio 182
Think I've seen this one just outside Twycross a few times, flashed lights at me too, so... hello if it was you! Like your car btw, RS Megane is v nice :)
  BG 225 lux + cup RST
Ooh forgot about this thread...

Yeah Steveo that was me, hi!! I used to work in Swadlincote and live in Hinckley. Spotted you a few times I think

So who are the Stockinford peeps? Someone I work with said they had a mate with an RS, and he lives in Stockinford
  BG 225 lux + cup RST
Ooh you got the new edition, how you finding it? Saving fuel I bet!

Yeah someone I work with lives down there who said he knew someone with an RS. Adam Cooper?
  RB FF 182
That name rings a bell. Lol

Yeah. Averaging high 50's Mpg around town.

I really like it actually. And its not THAT slow.