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Renault Sport Grill

Just got me grill this afternoon and fitted it :) some pics of me grill before and after pics arent very good as were taking by me phone




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  Glanza V
no not probs snap them u would have lol anyway bak on topic, the grill is 100per cent improvement:approve: just need 2 get ya sell some "anth" turinis and 40mm springs and it will be sorted


ClioSport Club Member
  986'S 172ph1+182FF
u need a megane splitter next! Got myne from a Scrappy for £2 lol, fitted this afternoon, looks sweet!
  Glanza V
How much was the grill and how easy was it to change?

was just 2 clips on the top m8 of the grill then pull the front plastic forward that the dimond is on and it just pulls out with a bit of effort, there is a pin inside the clips and when u put them back in pull this pin up and they will go in easy, if u try 2 force them bak in without pulling up this pin u may snap a clip:eek: hope this is any use to u m8