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repacing clutch cable 16v - HELP

as i posted before my clutch cable snapped,

i got a new one from reno, my dad has put it in place, but i need to know:

how do fit it to the pedal end ?

ive taken off the plastic panel, where the bonnet release is, but all we can see is foam, so we havent got a clue,

once we have done this we will fine, and can connect the other end

please help



can u even see the hole where the old one went? is it still in the hole?

if so tape to it to pull through and copy the arrangement on the pedal end on how the cable attaches.. if i remember its bloody difficult!

and is your name actually cat?

ben j,

the other one snapped about 2 inches from the end in the car , and my dad has put the old one in the boot, so i cant pull it through,

i dont know whether or not there is a hole as ive been to work while hes been doing it,

and its dark when i get in

im going to look my self, but it will have to be the weekend now,

as for cat, there my initails .

well put it this way.. from the engine bay i dont think i could see the hole, it was feel and guess tactics..... and when i finally got it through, i could no way in the world get the pedal end on and ended takin it up to the garage round the corner from me to do and just paid em £20.... wa worth it not to have the hassle!

good luck!

ben j,

oh right i got the number plate cat171t

for my 18th, i used to have it on my fiesta (mint mk2 ghia)

but it got a bit too well known in romford (old bill all the time)

my clio hasnt got it on it just a dumb old m plate

i want the plate cat 1 but its 100 grand!!

there u go mate the explanation of my user name!!