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Replacing 172 Components, how do I replace tweeters??

  ClioSport 172 Cup
I've bought MB QUART DSF-213 components for my 172 Cup, to replace front speakers.
Obviously the door speakers are pretty straight forward to replace. But do I have to remove the entire dash to replace my tweeters??? Or is there another way to get to them?? My mate said maybe just disable dash tweeters and put new tweeters somewhere else, but I dont like the sound of this...a bit naff. I want to keep it all looking as standard as possible.

My second question...The Quart speakers obviously come with a crossover, so this will need a direct feed wire from the Head unit. Does anyone know how the speakers and tweeters are setup on this car? Where can I locate the main wires from the stereo before they split off into the door speaker and dash tweeter??:S


  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451
IIRC you have to remove the dash top, which to be honest isn't that hard at all. I'm not sure I follow the second question, but if you need a feed from live you'll have to run a lead to the back of the HU for it I would have thought.
  ClioSport 172 Cup

I didn`t mean the power wire. I meant the + and - wires that go to the door speaker. Somewhere the right tweeter and right door speaker split off a 'main' + and - wire from the HU.


  Clio 172 Cup
Since you've got components, there will only be 1 feed into the cross over box any ways, so use the door speaker feed, then run new wire to speaker and tweeter?

Never fitted speakers since I was 18, could be talking b****cks lol