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replacing strut tops - 172

  tiTTy & SV650
I'm about to fit some koni adjustables and eibach sportlines, have ordered myself some strut top washers but want to get some new strut top mounts too, Renault want £75 a side including bearings

There's a guy on ebay selling Febi Bilstein mounts for £66 a pair:


I think the guys postage is a bit of a piss take though, so question is:

Are these eurocarparts items the same:

Part Number: 609745090:

Part Number: 609745000:

They're listed for my 172 and as Febi Bilstein but look different to me!

Have I missed the point? are the first two pics above the suspension turret and the bottom two pics below the suspension turret?

Any advice much appreciated.
  tiTTy & SV650
Oh well, cheers for the feedback It's still a lot better than £150 from Renault, I can live with a £19 loss lol
academic now, but the ECP part number i was given for the donuts was 609740031. the one in that picture doesn't look right (?) - not sure what the threaded cup is on the bottom of the donut (unless it's a new top nut that they've put on the wrong end in the photo)

about £50/pair, incl the bearings you've numbered