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reshaping wheels after damage

  Honda Civic Type R '02
it sounds improbable to me, but can alloy wheels be re shaped to a nice smooth circular rim.

I hit a pothole/meteor crator and its put a healthy dent in the inside rim of one of my wheels.
Its not like bending the rim back to shape, it is a compression dent. so i cant imagine how its done.

normally i wud just get a new one, but teamdynamics hav discontinued the range, so i may hav to buy a whole new set.



ClioSport Club Member
  Trophy, TVR Tamora
as far as i no it isnt safe to re shape the wheel, i may be wrong though


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Looks like your fcuked there mate sorry to say . The wheel will be possibly be weakend , might even crack .
  Chocolate Bar™
yeah you'll have to buy a new one, once dented they're demmed unsafe (as stated). keep your eye on ebay, one might crop up.
  Honda Civic Type R '02
i wish it would.
But i chose a set that hav been discontinued recently, and it has to be in a 4x100 with et38 offset. I think its unlikely i'll find one.

Its wierd; Ive never seen another car with my wheels on before, which is quite cool when they arn't busted, but not at the moment.

looks like i will hav to buy a new set.
i was thinking of buying a set of stock renault 15s from a clio dynamique, then getting them powder coated black/grey.
Does anyone know if the 15" wheels that come on mk2 clios phase1/2 are 6x15" or 6.5x15" cos id like to put the proxies from my previous wheels on them and i dont know if they wud fit on a 6inch rim. (toyos are 195/45/15)
  Lionel Richie
depends if its only a slight amount (ie around 1mm) you can batter them back into shape

but its advised to get a new wheel
  Honda Civic Type R '02
nah, this babys screwed, 8-12 mm dent in the inside lip.
i just bought some BK racing wheels of ebay, v. similar to my current (damaged) set, so ill throw my proxies on them.
+ they came with 4 yokohamas with 4-5mm tread on! So no worries now.

Thanks for ur help fellas