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Restoring Little Bluey - my 182 FF ClioSport in Racing Blue

Jon Wright

ClioSport Club Member
A cold and fresh early start today putting the engine back in.

A couple of small jobs to do under the bonnet first, including replacing a couple of melted grommets. They’ll no doubt melt again.


Then a clean up of the heat shield.


Then a check over the loom and cleaning up the earths/connections and repairing some broken bits of tape.


Before finally getting the engine back in.


Started to get a bit cold and at my age you have to watch yourself 😂 So knocked off for the day for a hot bath and a nice cup of tea.

If I get some time tomorrow I’ll build it all back up and hopefully get some suspension work done. Thanks for reading 😊


ClioSport Club Member
  Phase II Clio 182
This level of commitment and attention to detail is what I someday hope to be able to give to mine. Amazing.


ClioSport Club Member
  Phase II Clio 182
It can be tricky can’t it, it’s so easy to throw money at them. I’m just hoping mine looks tidy for a daily at the moment.

Jon Wright

ClioSport Club Member
Rained off this morning but by lunch it had cleared up enough for me to start bolting the engine down.

A few detail shots of the upper gearbox mount, battery tray, upper inlet and fuel guard.


Got everything torqued up so turned my attention to the suspension.

Picked up a couple of Shaftec drive shafts as the others were completely shot.


Began building up the drivers side first.


Everything other than the hubs and Eibach springs, which I’ve refurbished, are new including :

CUP dampers, top nut kit & spacer, pinch and damper bolts, ABS sensors, wishbones, ARB inner and outer bushes.

Gave everywhere a good coating of ACF-50 to keep it looking fresh. Pretty pleased with how it’s all coming together.


Jon Wright

ClioSport Club Member
That dreaded moment when you look down and find a few find parts left over that you have no idea where they came from 😂


Luckily i use Partsouq which is great for finding part numbers for your car.

And both items had part numbers so i was able to pop those into the search and get a nice illustration of where they fit.

In this case a bit of radiator (15) and bonnet latch trim (1) 😅


Jon Wright

ClioSport Club Member
Not many mid-week updates other than I’ve removed the headlights and am going to have a go at cleaning them up. What could possibly go wrong 🤦🏻‍♂️😂


Then gave the front slam panel a clean up, some corrosion treatment and a lick of paint.
There’s never enough paint on them anyway.

Not the best finish I’ll admit but this is getting painted professionally when I get some of the paintwork corrected anyway. So it’ll do for now.


Finally I dug some of my Trackday discs out and started cleaning a couple up. No point in buying new discs as I have lots of these lying around after switching pad compounds between trackdays. Little to no wear.


And that’s pretty much it. Going to build and clean remaining parts up, then see if I can complete the work at the weekend 🤞🏻

Thanks for reading.