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Rogue 172 Cup

  182, Milltek
I went to watch the Tour of Britain cycle race yesterday in central london. The actual racers were preceeded by no less than 20 Police motorbikes (they were numbered) who nailed it in front to block off all the roads to prevent carnage.

All in all it was very intimidating and efficient and absolutely nobody disobeyed so the road was completely quite... except... out of blue some bloke (anyone on here) hopped in a black 172 cup (it had estate agent stickers all over it) and headed up the road with plenty of throttle. He got about 100 yards before being blocked by an angry copper. :mad:

Certainly made my day.
  Glacier White 197 Cup
ha ha. what did the copper do to him? must have been just a 172 mate cos u cant get a black 172 cup.
  182, Milltek
Indeed you cant but it had a whole load of pink advertising all over it as well that can't be standard.