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Rotors to the Brembo 4 pistons caliper

  Renault Clio Throphy
Hello guys,
I own Renault Clio 4 Trophy but the question would be relevant for all the Renault owners that using the Brembo 4 pistons calipers, I just upgraded the braking system in my Clio 4 to the Brembo caliper and I bought with it the Ferodo DSUNO compound.
Now the last thing is missing, is to choose the rotors.
In Israel we actually have just 3 options available for this car and I would like you to help me
1. Tarox F2000
2.DBA T3
3.Brembo Xtra
Which one from the option above you would thing will give me the best braking performance for the long term suited with the Ferodo DSUNO
Thanks !


ClioSport Club Member
  Hi comp phase 1
Tarox F2000 are awesome discs....well they are on the MK2 Clio
  Renault Clio Throphy
Actually I was wondering if it's should be a problem to set together the Ferodo DSUNO compound with the Tarox F2000 ?
  Renault Clio Throphy
Ok thanks guys, which brake fluid you will recommend me for track usage, the Motul rbf600 or the Castrol react performance ?