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RS 200 Raider Stealth Grey #3/50

As some of you may know i drove a Clio GT DCI with a brilliant spec, The GT was a fantastic car, but i have always wanted an RS so when i found out insurance was becoming realistic on one the search began,

After searching and searching for the right one that could compare to the GT in terms of spec, i came across a RS 200 Raider 3/50 in Stealth Grey with the TomTom, but it was 250 mile away so after nearly two weeks me, my brother and my dad had the time to travel from Teesside to Essex to go see it and when we got there it was stunning, so after purchasing it we set off back home managed to get 35.8 MPG out of it on the journey home only using half a tank which i was very pleased about even coming from a diesel.

About the Raider:

Stealth Grey Paint
18" Interlagos Wheels
Full Leather Interior
Leather Recaros
iPod Connectivity
Cup Chassis
Carbon Badges And Bullets
aswell as the rest of the 200 usual spec

14,000 on the clock the previous owner had only done 2000 mile in the last year,

feels very solid and composed
gearbox selects gears easily no crunchiness

a couple of images from the journey home


and a quick shot with a j_gadd4's UR 200

After a clean to remove the motorway muck, using the Swissvax Opaque Matt Paint Shampoo And Autoglym Super Resin on all the glossy bits inc Wheels and Calipers



the colour is fantastic with so many different colours when caught at different angles with Blues, Greens, Purples, Bronzes all mixed in there, photographs dont do it any justice,

As for mods im still very undecided so we shall see what the future holds but for now i will just enjoy it for what it as it is absolutely fantastic out of the box i couldn't be happier with it[/url][/url][/url]
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Awesome car, awesome colour, love it! Now be careful with that paint.

rs 1an

South East - Essex
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That was for sale just down the road to me in Chelmsford, the best colour to have and cheap compared to the one for sale in Bury St Edmunds, its done a few miles for a year old though which put us off a bit. The 35.8 mpg is good mine never goes above 27mpg even if i drive slow, use dental floss to remove the clio and some warm water and it should be fine. Love them RS wheel centres :approve:
Looks awesome, worth holding out for.

thanks, it was definatly worth it I can't keep out of it

Nice! Look after it :)

Thanks, I intend to! :)

That is very cool!

cheers mate

Nice purchase that, MPG is very impressive!

Thanks mate, I was very pleased with it

I love that colour!
oh wow. That looks awesome! Beautiful car you've got their mate:)
Nice upgrade, the wheels look great.

cheers lads

Stunner! Not sure I could cope with the paint though.

Thanks buddy, it really isn't that hard to look after just be gentle when washing it and it comes up fantastic

Love it. Especially the pain :rasp:

Cheers mate

Lovely. What size are those alloys?

They are 18" off the megane r26r with the Bridgestone tyres that the meggy set the record at the ring with

Looks awesome! :D

cheers mate

18" would like to drive one With the bigger wheels on to see if there's much difference.

there really isn't much different I have drove my mates 200 with speedlines and no cup pack and they were not night and day apart
Gave the raider a deep clean, using the Swissvax Opaque kit and Meguires cleaner wax and tyre gel, also took the wheels off and cleaned the arches out as well a inside the alloys keeping it looking fresh, final pictures below including my brothers RS LY 200 GT And my Silver GT










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How do you wash it (serious question)?

rinse down with hose pipe as pressure washers are to harsh on it, then use the swissvax opaque car bath that is formulated for matt paints in conjunction with a wash mitt,

i use the Swissvax Pre-cleaner on greasy spots (ie Tyre Gel) and tar spots,

i havent had chance to wax it yet with the opaque wax but you just apply that in the same manner as you would with a gloss car using a applicator pad,

i dry it with a drying towel and then go over it with a microfibre cloth to remove any excess water to reduce water spots but it comes up brilliantly with so much easy id say easier than a gloss finish car
  Clio RS200 GW
Gorgeous car possible the best I've seen, does the RS proud looks a proper one, maybe some carbon exhaust tips in the diffuser keep it looking proper stealth.
Gorgeous car possible the best I've seen, does the RS proud looks a proper one, maybe some carbon exhaust tips in the diffuser keep it looking proper stealth.

they are already on the definite list to get, also contemplating getting the full front end kit from streamline carbon, which includes front bumper, F1 blade, Fog light surrounds and lower splitter, albeit a Carbon Raider Edition :p
decided to cut a Recaro sticker out for the seat in carbon vinyl,which i think looks superb need, i want to add something that show the cars edition number but dont know what to do, any suggestion ?

i have a vinyl cutter so anything is possible really
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