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RS Tuner VS Ktec Group N VS RS Tuning Remap

  Titanium 182
As title says which is the best to go for.

I always seem to hear and see excellent praise for RS tuning and there custom remaps, but with the others there seems to be a list of problems (mainly RS tuner)

Poor customer service in some people's case's
Unable to upload
Difficult to use

Does anyone have any feedback on Ktec's Group N

Above all which is best?
  172 - 249bhp @ the wheels
get the cheapest if the car is relatively standard, you wont see much difference at all over a live and a generic map imo. Neither will yield much in the way of returns although obviously a live map is 'better'
  Titanium 182
Cheers boys!

Will be running the usual filter, decat and exhaust, just want to make sure I use the best for the package i have.
Sorry mate but never had problems with RStuner personally. Henk promptly replies to your messages within the same day.

RSTuner is by far the best product that money can buy for the RS.


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT
All the same. minimal gains. For piece of mind i'd get Paul from RS tuning to do it...that way you're not as risk of dickin about with your car yourself.