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RS Tuning rolling road day - RESULTS here

  Astra SRI/ Hornet
How many threads on this. Lol
175.2hp/155lbft. Standard.
Was gonna ask what ya made dave88 cos I missed yours when I went to maccy ds.
Some good results today, especially gray, mental figure for the mods!

Got quite a lot of the runs on video, just sorting through it now...
  Astra SRI/ Hornet
I think the 182's were all pretty consistant with each other and the ph1's were similer to each other aswell although I know a couple who were dissapointed with the power they got with mods.


ClioSport Club Member
makes my 202bhp earlier this year in the RB look very good :)

some good results by the sounds of it, wish i had gone now :(
Gaz. - PE51 UFY - MG ZR 120 (1.8) - BMC DIA without CAF, 52mm Throttle Body, MG TF 135 Camshafts, Janspeed Exhaust Manifold, Janspeed Sports Cat, Janspeed Catback system - 136.9bhp, 130lbft torque at the fly. 111ish BHP at the wheels.
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ClioSport Club Member
  981 Cayman
Jenic - SK54 WXN - Standard 182 - 165bhp 148lbft.

Extremely disappointed to say the least, next week the cars getting new oil and filters, new plugs, sort out the tiny exhaust leak, sort out the map with my rstuner and then going to get it back on.

If its still so low the guys at rstuning said my timing could be out from when the belts were changed this year, only half hour labour to check it for me then i can decide whether to get it redone or adjusted.

Any chance of getting a copy of those video clips foxy?
  JDM Dc2
jamie rigby - YS51 MYA - fiesta ZS 1.6 - Jenvey throttle bodies, 40mm bodies, 40mm trumpets, 20mm trumpet spacers, Vauxhall c20xe injectors, Omex 600 ECU with rev limit set at 7.8k, Shawspeed SS4 cams, Big valve head, HD Piper valve springs, HD ARP big end bolts, Miltek 4-2-1 manifold, Custom De-Cat, Piper Cat-Back - 140bhp and 123lbs ft., 115bhp atw
Gray - K13 GRY

yozzasport race system, panel filter, AWT matched inlets..

187.4bhp 164lb/ft torque :D
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The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
Gray - yozzasport race system, panel filter, AWT matched inlets..

187.4bhp 164lb/ft torque :D
f**k off!!??

So whats the BHP/Tonne on yours now big lad? Cracking result that is. It felt uber quick when I drove it.
  TrackCar & F30 330d
Chrispy.clio - V6 airbox, decat, KTR Ultra performance exhaust - 176.3bhp

I had a misfire too which is a bit rubbish, but i'm still kinda happy with it.

I did have the RS Tuner remap, but i'm sure the ECU reset when i disconnected it and left it for a few days.

Anyway ITB's here i come :)