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was goin fron staines towards virginia water (if anyone knows the area) through pooley green, was only doin about 40, when this white blob pulls up behind me goin quite fast, anyway few seconds later, i have to stop in a q at roadwork traffic lights, i see they take note of the cliosport sticker in my rear window and they proceed to laugh, anyway to cut a long story short he wasnt laughin so loud when the matt mobile was clearly too much for his rs imitation and his 1.3 lump! lol, as i proceeded to pull away. :D


lol i have the same enjoyment almost every weekend. My mate has a 1.3(!) cossie rep and i give him a beating, then everyone asks what the hell ive done to my car!

My cliosport sticker seems to be an open invite for people to try and race me!
  Clio v6

Yeah I totally agree. These ClioSport stickers are a complete joke on non sport models. All these stickers need to be banned ! . They are nothing but a temptation to produce road rage and dangerous driving.

Someone is going to get seriously hurt one of these days, and it could end up costing the driver far more than the price of these rediculous pieces of plastic. ( good quality or not ).

All people notice on these stickers is the SPORT , and not the club details. So imediately they think NON SPORT cars are trying it on, hence the laughter.

This club should be renamed to simply CLIO Owners Club. That oughta settle it, and keep the roads a bit safer.



  Audi TT Stronic

I havent put my sticker on yet, I got a small window stickers so maybe I will only get half the amount of races ?

Not all of us can afford the sport cars dash so i think thats unfair . The important thing about this club is having the enthusiasm in clios and in performance cars. You need 2 people in a race remember so it would be the drivers fault if he crashed in pursuit of another car.
  Clio v6

Being one of the biggest jokers on here, I hardly think its too difficult "to tell if people are jokin or not on here sometimes, lol"

:D :D

I can resist everything but temptation.

NB: Remember humour is a diffiuclt aspect of communication to spot on a forum where peoples voice and face are not seen or heard!

I used to have my Cliosport sticker on the passenger side rear window, so people only saw it when I would be pulling away from them!

Now, the only Cliosport sticker I have is under the bonnet.
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Had a similar experience with a RS Turbo rep at the weekend. He was cutting through traffic like a real nutter, eventually we ended up side by side at some lights. Seeing the alloys on mine he obviously thought I was fair game so he started booting it. It was packing the famous Nova style exhaust (4in tailpipe thats half rusted through that sounds like a poorly rally car!!)

Anyway the lights go green and we both go for it. I could hear he was booting it from the lovely exhaust note, but somehow he seemed to be going backwards!!! Was good fun to see his face in my rear view mirror, made my day!

Must have been a 1.3 or something, even a very ill RST could kick my ass!

  Clio v6

Thats the spirit Rick. Some might not have bothered thinking it might just be a proper RST, and want to avoid egg on face.

Good on ya for going for it.
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

cheers matey. They dont all end that way tho. Ive been beaten by a civic estate before!! I just find it funny to have a go at anything if Im next to it at the lights!!


if u think thats bad me and my mate got done by a woman in a citroen picasso, in his xr3i

needless to say his car ground to a halt a week later.

piece of sh*t

Theyre all sh*t though..xr3is, rs turbos, fiesta turbos, handling is laughable and besides the fezza, standard ones are slow too.