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Saw the Maxi Clio on WRC tonight

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Anyone else see the Safari Rally coverage on C4 tonight; the last bit showed Robbie Head caning a Maxi Clio then turning it over! That kit is so mental when its on the move...I might have to get one fitted!

i saw it, amusing. kenya rally is amazing. the guys driving those cars really are amazing. the speeds they do is just incredible, much better than f1. id say rally and touring cars are the best motor sport.
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Dead right, F1 is lame. Ive really never seen the appeal of it, rallying is #1, touring cars second Id say. F1 comes way down in my list, probably behind Ice Rallycross.


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Dont forget the World or British Superbikes, very exciting to watch, plenty of overtaking on bends etc!!
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I used to really like Touring Cars but then there only seemed to be two manufacturers who were competitive and I started to lose interest.

I have to agree with GR, motorbike racing is really going to take off in the next couple of years. I was at the Moto GPs at Donington Park this weekend and it was fantastic. At the World Superbikes at Brands they get over a hundred thousand people, the atmospheres amazing and the racings great too.


Although F1 might look boring, slow and not very skilled you do see a different side of it working within it. Building the cars that can corner at 160mph and that create enough downforce to stick to a ceilling at under 100mph, let alone the shear scale of the whole thing, it really is quite incredible.

Also competeing in the British Rally Championship (except the last round, as testing in Valencia), I can see how appealing it is from the outside. A car crew getting it just right and setting fastest times is an awesome feeling. But then so was watching a driver on his first ever lap in an F1 car knowing thats all hes ever wanted, how cool is that???

Just giving opinion as a motorsport fan/employee/competitor and all that other stuff...!

Saw that clip Nick, must admit the clio did look mean as fekk, almost wish I hadnt sold mine to get a 172!!! but not that much...

Agree about F1 as well, predictable and boring. GT, Clio cup, Touring cars and club racing are very cool, and of course rally. Must admit watching on TV is just not half as good as actually going to see the races. Went to brands the other week to see the Clio cup, was most cool indeedy. Have some digi-pics and some movie clips of the race as well, can send them to Jas if hes a few good shots of the massive smash up as well.
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah F1 is an incredible appliance of science, but for me its just too far removed from real cars to be might as well be powerboat racing or hovercraft racing as far as Im concerned. i always thought F1 would be a lot better if they let everyone qualify then reversed the grid every now and again just to mess up the field, see if Schumacher could get through that.

The Moto GP is a great race series, better than World Supers, and thats great! Its refreshing to have a run-away-champion who has some charisma and personality and who you actually want to see win races (Even if he is Italian).

By contrast on 4 wheels the rally drivers earn their money, far more skill involved in driving a rally than going round and round the same circuit for 2 hours.


In all fairness F1 cars arent supposed to in anyway resemble road cars. They are meant to be the pinnicle of engineering (so we are to believe)

Companies use the clean cut image and mass audiences of F1 to associate their product with the most advanced race cars in the world. A 200mph advertising board if you like...(altough some of the WRC gearchange and ground speed technology is up with the F1 stuff these days)

Last race R.B started from last position and still fought to second. Not all teams could boast that kind of package!

Not so long ago Ferrari were no-where and Williams, McLaren and (what were) Benneton were front of the grid. It will all change again soon enough...