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Saw this quite cheap v6 255 on pistonheads. Opinions?

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451
i've noticed that also, for the money it seems good, but it would all be dependant upon its condition (dents, scratches, marks, wheel conditions etc) for me.


its not massive mileage considering its nearly 3yrs old.

Only odd thing is I though Vees had the same seats as 182s, they look the same as MK2 172.
  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
There is or there was a like greenny colour V6 Mk II on pistonheads for only £9000.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451
Ad said:
its not massive mileage considering its nearly 3yrs old.

Only odd thing is I though Vees had the same seats as 182s, they look the same as MK2 172.

that's something I've noticed as well, I think possibly it was only on the later V6s? some 04's then all 54s and 05s
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The green one has gone now....

I have the following options....

Used v6 255 at similar or lower price than the one above....

Used 111r which Ive seen for £17K with relatively low mileage... (Not very practical everyday..)
(See this thread)

Used 350Z for about the same (U.K model, but not as quick as the elise or as quirky as the v6)

Or my first house.... (Problem is that If Im paying a mortgage I prob wont be able to afford to replace my 172 cup!) :(

Ideas people. What would you do? Ive just turned 25 and can get insured on all the cars, £500 for the 350Z, £900 for the elise 111r or £1100 for the V6!!

A house. I don't see a comparison to be honest.

You will be better off all round and if you really buy carefully there is no reason that you wouldn't have equity in the house in the coming year or so to fund a toy?
  BMW 330d :)
Haha I know that my head says the house but my heart says the car. I think Im going to have to agree with my head... :(
lol tbh you can have it,

I want a red one, blue is far too common, nice colour but red is nicer. IMO red is the best colour out of all the colours including the I.D's that said I do LOVE acid yellow :D
  BMW 330d :)
I dont really mind so much on the colour. True, blue is more common, but it means that you pay less for it initially, but I love the yellow and the black is quite nice too.... ;) A guy near me had a blue 255 like the one in the pic but wrote it off after a month or so, so you have to be careful!

It just looks so much better in the flesh. So wide, squat and aggressive. May not go very fast or handle really well but it is an amazing looking car in my opinion....



Chili Red

ClioSport Club Member
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Looks nice but it can't have much warranty left on it! I'd be worried about huge bills if something went wrong.

Lovely car though and great price...
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gti-6 is an swesome bit of kit, you can get a lot of car for 4k! be prepared to change teh cambelt and a few other things!
id get a house and wait, tis what i'm doing i have my 172 waiting for gf to finish uni in 3 years buy a house then go out and get a beast of a car together everyting doesnt have to come at once