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screen for sat nav

  2007 Audi S3 Quattro

as some of you may know i had been trying desperately hard to get a sat nav dash for the clio

well finally got it and thought i could botch it to fit an alpine tme screen

unfortunately the screen i have is too big

i dont want to buy a renault screen all i want from it is dvds and games - i have no need for sat nav cos i live in northern ireland and it would be pointless

i have pmd mike172sport but waiting reply

what screen would u recommend to fit perfectly?

how big is the screen that goes in that dash? 5.6"?

whats the alpine? 6.5"?

im going to remove the clock out of my original dash and put a motorised screen in there instead, you not thought of doing that aj?
  2007 Audi S3 Quattro

dunno about the motorised screen - idealy i want a screen which fits flush and factory lookin

ill check out this VDO business! thanks