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scuttle panel leak - scuttle removed - what to look for


ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1
as above,
i have a leak into the passenger footwell that seems to be coming from the scuttle panel i think, tipping a bucket of water over the top of the windscreen causes the footwell to become wet, so i guess the scuttle panel rather than the wheelarch or sill drains.

thing is, i have eventually got the wipers off and scuttle removed, but cant see what im looking for.

where is the drain under the scuttle, all i can see is a mass of wipers, motors, washer bottles and no sign of a drainage.

HELP anyone???
You need to strip all that out there's a drain at either end and one in the middle its the one in the middle getting blocked and the seal on the heater duct Proberly needs sealing round