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Seats dont lock

I have a 3dr Mk2 Ph1 (I believe - W plate)
Anyway the drivers seat wont move back or forward - the right hand runner moves but not the left hand runner

Also, the passenger side had a similar issue because the listing bar came off but that's sorted now.

The problem with it now is that if I adjust the passenger seat using the under seat lever, its fine.

If I put the backrest forward to allow access to the rear seats, the seat don't lock back into place.
There is a small black clip on the runner which I have to push with my hand to lock the seat on the runner.

Upon inspection, there is a silver spring missing but not sure how easy this is to replace or if anything else is missing.

Can anyone offer any suggestions as I will be going to the breakers yard tomorrow to try and source this spring


ClioSport Club Member
Fairly common for the metal clip with the black plastic top to snap. This is the part that remembers your seat position after you tilt it.

Easiest fix is to replace the seat runner with a working one.