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Hi everyone,

Sorry in advance if this is deemed advertising.

Im director of a company about to launch a new security system that allows you to remotely lock/unlock the doors and even immobilise the car from anywhere in the world. If the system is triggered it will call your preprogrammed numbers giving you a status report, before allowing you to lock the doors and/or immobilise the engine.

Were looking for some help from people who are serious about their cars. We have a short (3 questions) survey that wed like people to complete so that we can gauge how the product will be recieved in the UK.

If anyone would like to help our research, please complete the survey at:
In return, those that complete the survey (and leave a contact email address) will be sent a voucher for £50 discount when we officially launch to the public in June.

Despite not having launched yet, the press interest has been fantastic with BBC Television featuring us on Look East and a number of radio stations and websites running features.

In addition, if you are a fitter, qualified in fitting vehicle security systems, please contact us. We are always looking for new installers to add to our network.


Tim Foster

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  Astra VXR 17/05/07

I like to remotely lock and unlock my car from about 6 feet away.:devilish:

Cant say ive ever needed to lock/unlock the car from anywhere in the world :confused:

Under normal circumstances you wouldnt want to unlock it unless you were reasonably nearby. However, GSM2005 will call you when the car is tampered with. It gives you a status report so you know whats going on. You can then talk to the car and if necessary lock the doors.

Assume someone is messing with your car as they did with mine a couple of weeks ago. The car called me to say that it was the motion sensor that had been triggered, and so I legged it outside to my car. Whilst I was leaving the restuarant that me and my kids were eating lunch in, I used my phone to immobilise the engine. Fortunately, the scumbag that was trying to blag my car didnt get very far. He legged it before any damage was done, but lets assume that me actually got into the car and started the engine. The car calls you immediately. Within 30 seconds youve immobilised the engine and locked the doors. You then call the police to tell them where the car is, whilst talking to the scumbags in the car and telling them the police are only a couple of minutes away.

Alternatively, assume your on holiday in Mexico. Youre walking down the beach, arm in arm with the woman you love when your car calls to say that it is being stolen. Simply immobilise the engine, lock the doors and call the police. Then to add the icing to the cake, you speak to the scumbags and tell them that not only are the police on the way and they cant get out of the car, but that you are sitting by the ocean getting a tan, something that is difficult to do at Her Majestys pleasure.

Aside from the alarm functions, my girlfriend regularly locks her keys inside the car. GSM2005 means this isnt a problem. Simply call the car and unlock the doors.

Even if a thief steals your car keys from your house (the method by which 88% of cars manufactured after 1997 are stolen), GSM2005 allows you to override the keys/key fob and immobilse the engine. Insurers are looking at options whereby they can prevent theft, not just recover stolen vehicles. GSM2005 makes it fairly easy to prevent your car being stolen.

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I like the idea of being able to immobilise the engine and also the fact the car calls me, and also that the phone call commands overide the keys/keyfod and also that you can track where the car is. But i wouldnt want to lock the theifs in to be honest. Id just want them away from the car, my interior cost me alot of money and i dont want so kn*b kicking my doorcards in to try and open the door.

Also i how do you stand on safety grounds for overiding the door locking, preventing those inside from getting out?


Hi Mark,

The operation of the system is entirely within your control. Personally, I wouldnt want to lock the scumbags in my car either, but since mine is a convertible it would be a bit pointless anyway.

Putting my personal hat on, if someone nicked my car and I was nearby, Id probably lock the doors. The car will stop within about 300 yards if youre quick and so you could conceivably get to the car within a few seconds. Id be quite happy to kick the cr*p out of anyone trying to nick my car. With my commercial hat on, we recommend that you pass the codes to the police and let them handle it. However, realistically, this isnt going to happen.

From a safety point of view, there isnt an issue. I accept though, that if you lock a scumbag in your car, chances are theyll kick out to try and escape. Were looking at building still/video cameras into the system so that the car can send you MMS pictures of the occupants. This way you wouldnt need to lock them in as you have their photo/video.
  CLIOpatra, L22EE W™

Sound very interesting.

What kind of cost are we looking at for a security system like this?

[Edited, Opps my bad!]

Can see you can purchase the GSM2005 for £399 with free delivery? Also how much are we looking at for the fitting?
  RenaultSport Clio 172 Mk2

When you say immobilise the engine does that mean that if some joyriders are thrashing about in it and I tell the engine to immobilise it just cuts out possibly causing them to crash/lose control?

Also how do you talk to the thieves as you described?

Quote: Originally posted by The Bear on 19 May 2005
When you say immobilise the engine does that mean that if some joyriders are thrashing about in it and I tell the engine to immobilise it just cuts out possibly causing them to crash/lose control?

Also how do you talk to the thieves as you described?

Hope it just cuts off the fuel or something, rather than electrics

When i said about safety relating to the doors i was thinking what if there is an accident for instance, thought it would be ilegal to overide the locking system.

Would this system be thatchcam approved and would it replace the need for a tracker?

  Scooby STi, FiestaST

Gap security are sending details out of this type of system already... something ..Cate..

it calls your moblile.. If you want you can lock your doors and fill it with smoke if you have a smoke maching choke you bstrds choke...

Got this leaflet through when my alarm was fitted... god knows how much it is, and i presume there is a subsription fee per month.year also.

cutehomoboi - the retail price will be £399, so with the discount for completing the survey, you can get it for £349. Fitting varies but on average, its about £250.

The Bear - When you immobilise the engine it wont cause them to crash. The alarm and hazards flash for 30 seconds then the engine will simply die and theyll cruise to a halt. With regard to talking to the car, when you call it you can switch it to communication mode. You then simply talk as you would normally and the speaker will relay your voice. If you switch to listening mode, you can hear what is going on.

the_ferret - Im not aware of these being commercially available. I would have thought it would extremely dangerous though.
  RenaultSport Clio 172 Mk2

I like the talking part - "Michael. Im sorry I cant let you do that."

Also can I recommend a road facing video feed to your mobile and the ability to drive the car with your mobile using the 2,4,6 and 8 buttons!!

Could you also fit a line of red lights above the grill too?

Seriously though, it sounds a very good system.

Thats a great idea, Bear. All youd need to do is put a picture of yourself on the front seat and you could remotely drive yourself to work!!! :D

The video feed isnt that far off though. Were looking at, for the next release, cameras that are linked to the system. Not only will it call you when some scumbags tries to nick your car, but youll get MMS pictures of their ugly, spotty mugs too. This is for the next version though.


ClioSport Club Member
  A35 AMG

Im currently working with Auto-Txt... a Cat 5 tracking security system. The system in the car sinks with your mobile using bluetooth, if it doesnt, an alarm goes to the security centre and they call you within 2 mins to confirm if your with the car or not, if your not they send a signal (txt message) to the car to disable it and work with the police to track the car.

I will have this fitted to my new car for me to have a better understanding of the system, and im currently able to track and monitor cars currently on the system.

Oh and disabling the car whilst going along ISNT ALLOWED.... sorry, its against any thatcham regulations..

Bubbles - This sounds like a good system. The only downside I can see is that Bluetooth is quite easy to fool.

As far as disabling the car is concerned it is legal. Weve had GSM2005 checked and approved by the police for use in the UK.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

what happens if you disable a car so it stops crossing a dual carriageway (etc, etc) right in the path of an oncoming car??


ClioSport Club Member
  A35 AMG

Exactly what Gaz said... you cant disable a car whilst its moving.. sometimes even when the ignition is on!

What if the car stops on a railway crossing and stalls?! who is liable for that persons death?

Sorry.. but you cant disable a car whilst its going along, so i have to disagree with you Tim.

And with regards to Auto-txt... you have to know the system is in the car first to fool it.. and its installed inside the dash.

i have blackjax on mine and if they dont put a code in, mine comes to hault whether its movin or not....

Bubbles, youre right, you would indeed have to know the system is there first. (although we now all know that its installed in your dash :D)

With regard to stopping the car, it is perfectly legal. As I said, we have had the system checked and approved by the police. Our legal department are also confident that the product is in no way illegal. When the immobiliser is triggered, the alarm sounds and the hazards flash for 30 seconds before the engine is cut. Once the engine is immobilised, motion laws dictate that the car doesnt stop immediately. It was slow to a halt. Even if youre a scumbag nicking the car, if its slowing to a stop you know whether youll make it across a junction or not.